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Through June tenth, Houston had experienced our coolest June since 2017, with a probability to perhaps outpace that yr too. Since June tenth and thru yesterday, it has been the third hottest mid-June stretch on record. When all is alleged and done, this can find yourself being one in all our hottest Junes on record. We’re firmly in it over the following week.


I’m not prepared to say that our rain likelihood is over with just yet. There are storms offshore of Louisiana this morning, together with a pair clusters of storms riding the periphery of the warmth ridge over Texas.

Storm clusters riding the periphery of the warmth ridge over Texas may result in some showers and storms, mainly east of I-45 today. (College of DuPage)

As those clusters drop south and east, complex interactions with lingering boundaries from storms in recent days could yield at the very least a number of recent storms, mainly east of I-45. I believe that’s the exception, not the rule and that the intensity of the storms will (hopefully) be much lower than seen the opposite night. So don’t bank on storms. But just know there’s a probability.

Outside of that, more of the identical: Clouds, sun, a heat advisory that could possibly be upgraded to an excessive heat warning, and plentiful humidity. Highs can be within the upper-90s.

Saturday & Sunday

Hot. Highs near 100, lows near 80. Rain probabilities decline to close zero.

No relief is predicted through next Thursday. (Weather Bell)

Next week

We are going to escalate the warmth day by day until about Wednesday or Thursday, when things should peak. This may push us into the low-100s for highs, with lows again near 80. While humidity doesn’t look *as* high as this past week’s heat, it is going to likely be high enough, together with barely less wind to steer to a different round of potential Excessive Heat Warnings.

Wet bulb globe temperature is one other measurement of warmth stress on the body that we are able to use to evaluate the seriousness of a heat wave. On this case, it is going to be at “extreme” levels this weekend and next week (Weather Bell)

After we take a look at the wet bulb globe temperature forecast for Houston we see extreme values continuing, very similar to this past week. Heat index mainly aspects in humidity and temperature to provide us a “appears like” value within the shade. Wet bulb globe (WBGT) aspects in things like latitude and date to generate sun angle, wind speed, and cloud cover, along with temperature and humidity to generate a measurement of warmth stress within the sun. What I like about WBGT is that it’s type of a universal measurement. Once above 90, that poses extreme stress in your body, whether in Houston, Miami, or Phoenix. Houston would typically be within the moderate to high level of WBGT this time of yr, so the indisputable fact that we’re in “extreme” levels speaks to how abnormally hot that is for us.

A great distance of claiming: Take it easy on yourself. Go slow. Drink water. Maximum heat precautions have to be fully implemented over the following week.

Hopefully the “death ridge” chargeable for this heat shifts into the Desert Southwest next weekend or the week of July third. Should that occur, perhaps we are able to resume more typical summer weather here in Houston, which while still actually hot, could be slightly less stressful on our bodies.

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