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An abnormally cool stretch of mid-November weather continues. We’ve already had more sub-60 degree days this week than all of last November and December combined. In fact, given how warm last 12 months was, that isn’t saying much. But still. We’ve at the very least just a few more days of sub-60 weather before things change somewhat.


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Search for clouds to thicken up because the day progresses. We must always begin to see sprinkles or light showers break out from southwest to northeast across the region. Initially, these may struggle to achieve the bottom as a consequence of dry air, but as we catch up with to evening, I believe we’ll get more reports of sunshine rain or sprinkles. Temperatures should remain mired within the 50s today.


Welp. Tomorrow could also be a front-runner for many miserable day of the 12 months.

High temperatures aren’t expected to get past 50° on Saturday in most places. Together with that will likely be a stiff breeze, clouds, and periods of rain. (Pivotal Weather)

It’s a reasonably easy forecast: Periods of rain, regular at times (especially south of Houston). Cloudy. Cold. Breezy. Temperatures will stay stuck within the 40s all day. Search for breezy conditions with winds of 15 to 25 mph at times, stronger over the water or near the coast. Just really raw, cold, and quite nasty for Houston.

Rain totals will likely be highest south of Houston, but some meaningful rain may fall as north as Huntsville or College Station. (Pivotal Weather)

Rain totals will average a half-inch to inch and a half south of Highway-105. Some places may even see a bit more, especially nearer to the coast. Others to the north may even see a bit less. But everyone sees at the very least some rain tonight and tomorrow.

Rain should taper off from west to east overnight into very early Sunday morning.


Despite Saturday’s gloom, I’m optimistic that we must always break out into at the very least a bit sunshine on Sunday. It still won’t be an exquisite day, but in comparison with Saturday it would seem glorious. We must always manage lower-50s. A couple of showers could break out late within the day west of Houston.


As of now, expect mainly cloudy skies on Monday with scattered showers or some rain. We’ll must see if this trends more toward a wetter period like Saturday has done. For now, we’ll just call it scattered showers and update you this weekend. One thing we’re confident it would be? Chilly. Again. Search for low-50s, perhaps mid-50s if were lucky or upper-40s if we’re unlucky.

Tuesday and beyond

We proceed to struggle with details regarding the Thanksgiving period. What we all know is that there’ll likely be quiet weather on Tuesday with constructing rain possibilities Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures should progressively sneak back above 60 degrees by Wednesday and Thursday, with morning lows within the 40s early, warming into the 50s and 60s late.

What we don’t know is precisely when it would rain Wednesday through Friday. Our modeling continues to struggle lots with what could also be a reasonably significant storm across the Eastern U.S. One school of thought is for a slower moving, stronger storm that might bring thunderstorms and possible severe weather to Texas and Louisiana. That option appears to be fading some. One other barely more likely possibility is for a quicker moving, weaker system with just just a few showers and storms. Here’s one of the best considering straight away:

Tuesday: Clouds, some sun, a shower possible. Morning lows 40s, daytime highs near 60.

Wednesday: Clouds, some sun, just a few showers or sprinkles, especially south and west. Morning lows 50s, daytime highs mid to upper-60s.

Thanksgiving Day: Clouds with a period of showers and storms possible. Morning lows 50s to 60s, daytime highs upper-60s.

Friday: Sun & clouds. Perhaps a shower. Morning lows 50s or 40s, daytime highs low-60s.

That’s what we are able to provide you with for now. We are going to keep you posted this weekend with a each day morning update on the forecast each tomorrow and Sunday!

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