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Staying true to our mission to report back to you, we’ve got a favor to ask. Will you take part in our annual reader survey? Whether that is your first time visiting our site otherwise you read our stories day by day — your feedback goes a good distance in helping us plan and grow our newsroom.

Our goal is to deliver one of the best reader experience, and hearing from you helps our team know how you can best meet your needs. It gives us the insight we want to enhance our existing products and platforms and to construct recent ones.

The survey takes about 10-12 minutes to finish. We realize that it is a time commitment, but by taking this survey, you’ll help us gain critical insight into what you expect (and wish) from Mississippi Today.

And, in return, everyone who completes our survey could have a likelihood to win a set of limited-edition holiday cards designed by Editor-at-Large Marshall Ramsey.

Thanks for helping us make Mississippi Today one of the best it could actually be for you.

We would like to listen to from you!

By listening more intently and understanding the individuals who make up Mississippi’s communities, our reporters put a human face on how policy affects on a regular basis Mississippians. We’re listening closely to our readers to assist us proceed to align our work with the needs and priorities of individuals from all across Mississippi. Please take just a few minutes to inform us what’s in your mind by clicking the button below.

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