Flowers challenges results of Congressional race


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Protesters were outside the Hinds County Commissioners’ office in downtown Jackson on Monday. They were concerned in regards to the uncertified results from the midterm elections.

Amongst those protesting was Brian Flowers, who lost to Congressman Bennie Thompson within the 2nd Congressional District race.

“Who, for those who can say who’s guilty at this point? That’s why we’re asking for the audit to determine where the where the faults are,” said Flowers.

Flowers and his supporters claimed there was suspicious activity within the midterm election, noting that he and Thompson were neck and neck until the Hinds County votes were added, ending with Thompson sweeping the race.

Flowers and his supporters imagine the chain of custody has been broken.

“We needed to have the manager of a polling precinct, needed to have those the boxes logged back to the courthouse that night. I mean, there’s no way it was illegal to take them, you realize, out of that position. , you go from the precinct to the courthouse locked. Nobody touches it. Evidently, it’s not that way anymore,” said former Rankin County Voter Commissioner Monica Baldwin.

Hinds County Commissioners responded to the claims of mishandling of voting materials, reiterating that the media sticks were never lost.

“All of the entire compiled information that must be confirmed through using the media stick, we’ve several ways. We have now backup systems when it comes to how we are able to get to a vote even when we are able to’t discover a USB with the fabric that’s printed within the opening report and the code a report by the BSP 200. Those will be verified and backed up. once, once we get the paperwork in,” said Jermal Clark, District 3 Election Commissioner..

Commissioners have until Friday to certify all the outcomes.

Flowers said he just wants a good election, adding he has already mailed a letter of contingency to Thompson for an audit of the midterm election.

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