Washington state plans to require Tesla’s charging plug


“I’m actually really pleased about NACS and the way finally automakers are gearing towards one standard. We wish to supply access to as many makes and models as possible,” said Tonia Buell, alternative fuels program manager at Washington state’s Department of Transportation.

“It hasn’t necessarily been tested and authorized for other auto manufacturers, so we would like to be sure that it may work but we’re planning to require NACS at our state funded and federally funded sites in the longer term.”

The state plans to start the requests for proposals process in the autumn.

Buell said the choice is about “future proofing” the state’s investments.

Buell said state officials are still trying to find out the fitting mixture of NACS chargers based on current federal requirements. Under federal rules, each taxpayer-backed site should have at the very least 4 CCS chargers and Buell said the state might require at the very least two to work with NACS or perhaps all 4.

Washington’s plan could put pressure on other states and the federal government to adopt Tesla’s NACS.

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