USPS ready for the vacation hustle and bustle after the post office floods in


WASHINGTON – The US Postal Service has performed well in delivering ballot papers for the mid-term election and is poised to plunge into the hustle and bustle of holiday deliveries, officials said Thursday.

US Post General Louis DeJoy said 11.3 billion pieces of mail and 567 million packages were delivered last month. And he said that the Post Office has stabilized its workforce and is prepared for the following challenge of delivering Christmas cards and parcels.

“We cannot be dissatisfied,” he told the Board of Governors for Postal Services.

The Post Office announced an annual operating lack of $ 473 million – a 3rd of the loss from the previous fiscal yr – because of a one-off adjustment under the Postal Service Reform Act.

The law, which guaranteed six-day-a-week delivery, also removed the requirement for pensions to be fully funded by the mail – a burdensome requirement that other firms didn’t must comply with.

DeJoy said the post office still faces challenges.

He said the brand new budget includes nearly $ 3 billion in retirement costs and $ 1.5 billion in inflation costs, that are higher than planned, while package volumes are declining at an annual rate of about 3%.

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