Tropical Storm Nicole Live Updates: Makes you land as a hurricane in Florida


Based on the National Weather Service, Nicole returned to a tropical storm shortly after it landed a Category 1 hurricane along the east coast of Florida on Thursday.

The storm currently has maximum regular winds of 70mph because it travels inland through the Sunshine State. To categorise it as a hurricane, a tropical cyclone will need to have maximum regular winds of no less than 74 miles per hour.

Nevertheless, the National Weather Service warned that “strong winds, dangerous storm surges and waves, and heavy rains persist over a big area.”

Hurricane Warning from Boca Raton to Flagler-Volusia County in eastern Florida has been modified to a tropical storm warning. The tropical storm warning south of Boca Raton to Hallandale Beach, Florida, was also cut short, with the sighting of a hurricane at Lake Okeechobee, Florida.

The storm wave warning from North Palm Beach to Jupiter Inlet in eastern Florida has been discontinued. Remark of the storm waves south of North Palm Beach to Hallandale Beach, Florida, has also been discontinued.

Based on the National Weather Service, all warnings have been dropped for the Northwestern Bahamas.

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