The US is sending Ukraine one other $ 400 million in military equipment from its own supplies


The US is again drawing up its own stockpile of military equipment, including 21,000 155mm artillery rounds to 100 humvees, to support Ukraine within the fight against the Russian invasion that began in February.

On Thursday, the Pentagon announced a $ 400 million security aid package for Kiev, Defense Department officials said.

The HAWK missiles for air defense systems top the list; 4 Avenger air defense systems and Stinger missiles. Additional ammunition can also be being shipped for High Mobility Artillery Missile Systems (HIMARS), which have been recognized as groundbreaking on the battlefield.

The mandate, announced Thursday, is the twenty fifth payment of apparatus from the Department of Defense inventory by the Biden administration since August 2021.

“With Russia’s merciless and brutal air attacks on Ukraine’s civilian and demanding infrastructure, additional air defense capabilities are critical,” Defense Department spokeswoman Sabrina Singh told Pentagon reporters.

Citing security concerns, Pentagon officials haven’t said what number of HAWK missiles can be sent to Ukraine. They can be renewed with Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative Funds and can “complement” Spain’s recent promise to send HAWK launchers to Ukraine.

“Avenger short-range air defense systems may even provide Ukraine with the flexibility to guard Ukrainian troops and demanding infrastructure against [drones] and helicopters, ”said Mrs. Singh.

The US may even send 500 precision 155mm rounds to Ukraine; 10,000 120mm mortar rounds and over 20,000,000 small arms ammunition. Also includes 400 grenade launchers, demolition gear and cold weather protection gear.

Because the starting of the invasion of Russia, the USA has given Ukraine over $ 18 billion in security assistance, Defense Department officials said.

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