Lexus dealer uses Japanese art “omotenashi”


The concept for the boxes arose from the challenge Lexus put to its dealers to learn concerning the Japanese custom omotenashi. In practice, this implies triggering an unexpected joy that comes all the way down to random expressions of kindness – this just isn’t exactly what most customers expect once they leave most service departments, especially in the event that they have just paid for a repair order.

Blake said the concept for the handmade boxes got here from parts director Bethany Esposito and repair manager Amanda Carr. Esposito manufactures boxes by filling them with tastefully arranged hats, designer shirts, key chains, umbrellas, glasses, water bottles, golf balls or other small items which can be fixed items in most dealerships.

Contents omotenashi boxes “is admittedly nothing that can be noticeable; actually, each box probably costs us more over time than what’s inside. But the concept is that the gifts might in the future delight them, ”said Blake.

On the lid of the box there is a customized note addressed to the chosen customer and signed by the management of the everlasting repair department: “Did you realize about it omotenashi Does the Japanese spirit of hospitality not only meet the needs of our guests, but additionally anticipate them? That is what creates the Lexus culture of Watertown. Please accept this little gift as a token of our appreciation to your continued loyalty to us. “

The dealer selects buyers based on the suggestions of their service advisers and component staff every month – not who spends probably the most money, but customers “most involved in coming to the dealer,” although Blake said the definition of “involved” was loosely interpreted.

“This might be a solution to the query,“ Who likes to return? Who likes to live the Lexus life? ” because they’ll appreciate the $ 3 Lexus cup probably the most, ”said Blake.

Blake has left Lexus of Watertown since giving an interview about boxes. Nonetheless, the dealer will proceed to practice.

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