Episode 511 – Speaker Rusty Bowers – Ax files with David Axelrod


Episode 511 – Speaker Rusty Bowers – The Ax Files with David Axelrod – Podcast on CNN Audio

5 p.m. EST: mid-term votes, Nicole’s deaths within the storm, Trump tax records and more

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Thu, November 10

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David Axelrod, Founder and Director of the University of Chicago Politics Institute, and CNN present The Ax Files, a series of insightful interviews with key political figures. Transcend sounds and meet probably the most interesting players in politics.

Episode 511 – Speaker Rusty Bowers

Ax files with David Axelrod

November 10, 2022

Rusty Bowers, president of the Arizona House of Representatives, is a Mormon and a conservative Republican. He can be a sculptor and painter with a passion for the open air, who likes to attract satirical drawings of his fellow legislators. After years within the state legislature, Speaker Bowers gained notoriety within the country when he said he selected his constitutional oath over pressure from Donald Trump and his allies to overturn Arizona’s 2020 presidential election. Speaker Bowers joined David to discuss his lifelong passion for the humanities, how working with the indigenous people of Copper Canyon, Mexico modified his life, about negating elections, and what’s going to occur in the event that they win elected office, the present state of the GOP of the state of Arizona and can face Atut.

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