Democratic Senator Mark Kelly wins the tender for re-election in Arizona


The Arizona Senate race was announced by current Democrat Mark Kelly, who defeated his Republican rival Blake Masters.

Of the 83 percent of the votes forged, Masters received 46.1 percent of the vote, while Kelly has thus far received 51.8 percent of the vote.

Kelly, who originally took office after defeating his Republican opponent Martha McSally in 2020, voted fairly consistent with President Joe Biden’s political agenda, including on key issues reminiscent of border security and immigration.

Kelly had a big lead within the polls for much of the race, with the incumbent operator still six points clear at the tip of September. Real clear politics average of the surveys. The race tightened throughout October with the poll average finally showing Kelly just one point ahead on November 4.

Arizona Democratic Senator Mark Kelly, left, smiles as he stands on the stage with Republican challenger Blake Masters, right, ahead of a televised debate in Phoenix, Thursday, October 6, 2022 (AP Photo / Ross D. Franklin)

In the course of the campaign, Kelly attacked the Masters position on abortion, noting in her debate: “You’re thinking that you understand higher than women and doctors about abortion,” he continued, “Everyone knows these guys and we will not allow them to make decisions about us since it’s just so dangerous.”

Kelly often sold Himself voters as a moderate senator who nevertheless focuses on cross-party cooperation vote in a closed step with President Biden’s priorities. While interviewKelly opposed the overthrow of Roe v. Wade, but didn’t discuss what limitations, if any, ought to be within the case of abortion.

Meanwhile, Masters has focused much of its campaign on immigration and border security, often criticizing the present Democrat for his vote on the difficulty. In the course of the debate in early October, Masters went thus far as to inform Kelly that he should resign from the Senate if he was unable to defend our southern border.

Masters also often discussed fentanyl crisis within the media, he accused Kelly of pretending to care but not taking sufficient motion to combat the spread of the deadly drug, which is usually smuggled across the southern border.

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