Biden embarks on a mid-term journey to Egypt, Cambodia and Indonesia


President Joe Biden is attributable to travel on Thursday to 3 countries in Egypt, Cambodia and Indonesia as he is popping to foreign policy after the surprising election successes of his party.

The president plans to make a fast stop in Egypt for the annual UN global climate summit, followed by an extended visit to Cambodia for 2 conferences with Southeast Asian nations.

It’s then scheduled to fly to Bali, Indonesia for the annual summit of industrialized “Group of 20” leaders, where he could hold a high-stakes meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Here’s what to search for when Biden goes overseas.

High-stakes meeting with the president of China

President Joe Biden addresses an election rally on November 5, 2022 in Philadelphia.

Matt Rourke / AP

It’s widely expected that Biden will meet the President of China in person for the primary time since taking office on the annual G20 summit in Bali this yr.

Biden speaks often of his long relationship with Xi, and as president, he spoke to Xi five times – but never in person.

Each leaders stressed the importance of managing their countries’ strategic relationships within the face of China’s global growth. The Biden administration recently described China as “the one competitor with each the intent and, increasingly, the power to rework the international order.”

For its part, China urged the US to stop attempting to contain growth. It also questioned US tariffs on imports from China and the support of US lawmakers for the self-governing island of Taiwan, which Beijing considers a part of China.

Also possibly on the list of potential Biden-Xi meetings: the war in Ukraine.

China has followed the road with Russia, aligning with Moscow but refusing to supply military assistance in the course of the invasion. Nonetheless, it didn’t adhere to wide-ranging sanctions against Russia.

“What I would like to do with him after we speak to him,” Biden told reporters Wednesday, “is to define – what form of – what our red lines are, to know what he thinks is in China’s national critical interest, which I do know is essential interests of the USA and determine in the event that they are in conflict with one another. And in that case, tips on how to solve it and tips on how to solve it. “

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will take center stage

PHOTO: Chinese President Xi Jinping attends the ceremony on October 23, 2022 in Beijing, China.

Chinese President Xi Jinping attends the ceremony on October 23, 2022 in Beijing, China.

Andy Wong / AP

Biden said Wednesday that he didn’t expect Putin to take part in the G20; The White House said earlier that Biden just isn’t going to see him, even when he goes. The 2 leaders haven’t spoken since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine in February.

Biden left the door open last month for a possible meeting if, as he said in an interview, Putin would love to discuss WNBA star Brittney Griner, an American who has been held in Russia for months.

“I mean, it might matter,” Biden said.

Tensions between Russia and the West remain unusually high, and unprecedented sanctions against Moscow and Putin turn out to be a worldwide pariah because it continues the war.

Ukraine will take center stage and Europe will enter winter with limited natural gas from Russia and rising energy costs. The war put pressure on economies world wide and Biden will try to take care of a solid front against Putin.

Limited progress on climate change

Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the 75th anniversary ceremony of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency on November 9, 2022 in Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the seventy fifth anniversary ceremony of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency on November 9, 2022 in Moscow.

Sputnik / by Reuters

Before going to Asia, Biden will stop in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt, to handle the UN’s global climate summit generally known as COP27.

After playing a outstanding role ultimately yr’s Scotland meeting, Biden heads to Egypt with a historic legislative victory: the Inflation Reduction Act, which provided for $ 369 billion to take a position in climate programs and clean energy.

Nonetheless, the United Nations concluded that the world is removed from the worldwide 1.5 degrees Celsius goal and countries are expected to deal with filling the gap. AND report published on Tuesday by a coalition of local leaders and personal corporations said Biden’s law, combined with state and native motion, could meet the president’s goal of reducing U.S. emissions by 50% to 52% by 2030, provided it persists current political trends.

The poorest nations are facing the worst effects of climate change and lots of are demanding financial compensation. Nonetheless, the USA just isn’t yet involved in latest funding.

Politics is unlikely to stop on the water

With Biden on the road so quickly after his party’s surprising mid-year performance, he may have to observe what is occurring in Washington – and the way they may affect US foreign policy.

Some Republicans, perhaps on the verge of taking control of the House of Representatives, denounced the billions of dollars in military and financial aid the US provided Ukraine. Biden said Wednesday that he didn’t think America’s bilateral support for Ukraine was eroding.

Other world leaders are also more likely to try to know what impact voting in America can have on their countries.

US officials may encounter questions from their foreign counterparts, let alone journalists trying to know what’s next for US foreign policy.

Has America come back?

US President Joe Biden attends an election rally on November 7, 2002 in Bowie, Md.

US President Joe Biden attends an election rally on November 7, 2002 in Bowie, Md.

Leah Millis / Reuters

The hallmark of Biden’s foreign policy is a re-engagement with the world and traditional American partners after 4 years of isolationism by the Trump administration.

His participation in UN climate conferences and his participation in two major regional conferences in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, reflect his support for international institutions and multilateralism in addressing global challenges.

The president plans to participate within the summit with members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, and the opposite with the peoples of East Asia. While no major announcements are expected, his presence shall be symbolic after the tumultuous years of President Donald Trump’s rule.

But even with Biden within the lead, many countries will proceed to query whether “America has returned” to the world stage – as Biden announced last yr – or whether the pendulum has only temporarily receded towards the remainder of the world.

Sarah Kolinovsky and Stephanie Ebbs of ABC News co-wrote the reports.

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