2 planes collide, including a WWII bomber


Federal authorities confirmed that two WWII planes crashed to the bottom in Texas after a Saturday crash during a flight over the Dallas air show.

Online videos of the incident by bystanders appear to indicate a small fighter plane crossing a slower B-17 bomber on the Wings Air Force Over Dallas Commemorative Show. The collision caused an explosion because the planes fell to the bottom, sending plumes of black smoke billowing into the sky.

Based on a press release by the Federal Aviation Administration, it isn’t known how many individuals were on the plane. Additionally it is unclear if anyone on the bottom was injured.

“We currently haven’t any information on the status of flight crews as rescuers are working on an accident,” said Leah Block, Commemorative Air Force vp of selling, in a press release sent to the US TODAY.

The damaged plane is at the Dallas Executive Airport in Dallas after a collision and crash of two historic military planes on Saturday, November 12, 2022.

Rescue teams rushed to the crash site on the Dallas Executive Airport, roughly 10 miles from the town center.

Anthony Montoya saw a collision between two planes.

“I used to be just standing there. I used to be in complete shock and disbelief, ”said Montoya, 27, who attended the air show with a friend. “Everyone across the throttle. Everyone was crying. Everyone was shocked. “

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