OUTLAW by ATEEZ on Apple Music


When K-pop octet ATEEZ debuted in 2018, they quickly established themselves as leaders of a recent movement within the fourth-generation boy-band space. They led with a charismatic aggression, performing bravado—unafraid of hitting verses, and dance moves, hard. That mentality has led to the ambitious The World EP.2 OUTLAW, a genre-ambivalent, cyberpunk-adjacent six-track release. The EP moves from anthemic emo-electronica on “This World” to industrial K-pop—speedy synths and a guttural verse from baritone Mingi, an unusual combination of their genre—on “Dune.” “BOUNCY (K-HOT CHILLI PEPPERS)” doesn’t offer a “Californication” sample, but as an alternative call-and-response, future-seeking Auto-Tuned hip-hop, a welcomed palate cleanser before the digital dance party of “Wake Up” and a few of the very best vocal performances of their profession on the cowboy-themed closer “Outlaw.”

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