Help fight avoidable blindness – a challenge for visual travel and trivia


Do you would like to give away this holiday season? Why not do something different and join the Orbis Canada Flight for Sight travel game?

Flight for Sight is a 60-minute addictive entertainment where Dave and I host teams that compete in travel trivia challenges and interactive games. That is the right integration event for corporations that need to unite their employees or you may register individually and join an existing team. Registration here

FedEx and Orbis Flying Eye Hospital

Throughout the event, attendees could have fun with their real life as Microsoft pilot Chris Levesque guides you thru live streaming flight simulation kits on Microsoft’s state-of-the-art flight simulator. Flight simulations are actual GPS satellite images.

The participants of the Orbis Flight for Sight event will even take a virtual tour of the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital. It’s a tremendous plane that flies world wide helping those in need. FedEx donated a cargo jet that has been transformed right into a state-of-the-art training and training ophthalmology hospital.

Nearly 1 billion people worldwide live with blindness or blindness that might be prevented or treated in the event that they had access to care that we so easily take without any consideration. Your participation will help end avoidable blindness for people living in countries of affection and middle income countries where there isn’t any eye care.

Be there on December 1, 2022 – Trivia for an enormous cause

Dave arranges the Orbis flight in sight
Cool online event and we are the host!

The subsequent Flight for Sight event will happen on December 1, 2022. Teams of as much as 12 people must raise a minimum of $ 2,000. That is only $ 166.66 per person. So gather your coworkers, family or friends for a fun option to raise money for charity! Do you’ve gotten an issue with recruiting 12 people? No problem. Solo travelers can join an existing team!

Are you going alone? Select a solo flight and join an existing team

December 1, 2022 flight is now open to solo travelers! There isn’t a have to recruit 11 other friends, family or colleagues. As an alternative, just pay the registration fee of $ 25, collect not less than $ 250 as a private fundraiser, and you may be placed on a team of as much as 12 other solo adventurers. Is it easy? And just in time for the vacation season you’ll meet recent travel-loving friends.

Register for the December event today!

Microsoft simulator

flight for sight

There are three different hourly events throughout the day where teams compete for points. Overall winners might be announced at the tip of the ultimate event.

The events are so fun that teams work on quite a lot of challenges, from “Spot the Difference” to “Rebus Puzzles” to answering travel trivia. That is an awesome option to test your travel knowledge and make recent friends. It’s an awesome integration exercise for corporations and associations

An example of a rebus puzzle

Not only that, but all through the competition, you will find a way to see real Microsoft Flight Simulator satellite imagery as you join Captain Levesque on virtual flights that may take you to the farthest corners of the world.

Flying Eye Hospital

Orbis Flying Eye hospital

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital was created because of the sponsor of the FedEx event, who donated this one-of-a-kind plane and transformed it right into a state-of-the-art teaching and training ophthalmology hospital.

Flying Eye Hospital travels to half a dozen destinations annually, equipped with a full medical team from over 30 countries. Doctors, nurse anesthetists, and biomedical engineers volunteer their time to share their knowledge with local medical professionals.

The aim of the Flying Eye Hospital is threefold. To assist treat eye problems that might be easily treated if only people had access to medical staff, raise eye health awareness amongst local councils, and train local doctors.

1 billion people live with avoidable eye disease

Children in an Iraqi village
Children in an Iraqi village, Tanzania

Unfortunately, 90% of the billion people living with preventable eye disease live in low- and middle-income countries. That is where the flying eye hospital becomes so necessary. Volunteers not only treat eye diseases, but in addition create opportunities, simulation training and knowledge sharing with local doctors.

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital can also be raising eye health awareness in low and middle income countries and fascinating in dialogue with local governments and health ministries to assist change global eye health policies and priorities.

Escaping for Sight helps to fight against blindness that might be avoided

The Flight for Sight event is dear to us, and we’re honored to return to host the 2022 event. We have now an awesome time meeting people from all around the world and sharing our love of travel for a crucial cause.

flight for sight dave and deb

Flight for Sight also gives you the possibility to see the best wonders of the world in a way few people can do – all in 60 minutes, all within the comfort and security of your property.

Nevertheless it’s not only concerning the amazing view. Flight for Sight is an enticing and fascinating entertainment and team constructing experience. In a live-stream flight simulation, your team of as much as 12 people will earn points in a series of problem-solving challenges and skill tests that may test your collective brain power and inventive pondering.

So don’t hesitate, join us on December 1st for a flight to the Sight Event here.

FedEx National Event Sponsor

Since 2009, FedEx has been the national sponsor of Orbis’s second annual fundraising event – Plane Pull for Sight. This 12 months we attended Plane Pull for Sight and it’s one fun event! Imagine tugging a rope with a cargo jet! Events happen in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Start planning your team for next 12 months’s flight now!

These events have raised over $ 2 million to assist end avoidable blindness by funding the Flying Eye Hospital programs.

Microsoft flight simulator

Fly world wide from the comfort of your personal home. You will see first-hand what it’s prefer to fly Microsoft Flight Simulator. You should use it yourself because of the X-Box Game Pass.

You’ll find a way to check your flying skills from small planes to wide-body jets as you soar over the farthest corners of the world. Throughout the event, you will see the expert pilot in motion!

We hope you’ll open your hearts and wallets to boost funds for this necessary goal. These are fun events, and it’s much more fun when you realize you are doing something good on the earth.

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