Ronnie Stanley was elite to ravens


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It was a long two years for the offensive liners Ronnie Stanley.

The Baltimore ravens 2022’s best lineman is back from an injury that kept him on the sidelines for the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

However, his return is playing at an elite level, despite an ankle injury in 2022.

So how good has Stanley been to The Raven this season?

PFF has Ronnie Stanley ranked as the best pass blocker of 2022

Ronnie Stanley plays like a new man after missing two seasons of soccer.

His game this season is so good that Pro Football Focus has him ranked as the number one pass blocker in the NFL.

This stat shows that he is still an elite pass blocker, even after wasting so much time playing.

While some players will rust after so much time wasted, Stanley shows no signs of rust.

His pressure of 1.7% allowed him to show how he protects the playmaker Lamar Jackson this season.

Besides, his zero bags show how well he is doing.

However, his success doesn’t last all season as he has only played five games this season.

But his start into the 2022 season after returning from a serious injury is still positive news for him and The Raven.

While he is the best pass blocker in the NFL, his season will only get better as The Ravens have an easy schedule.

Thanks to the easy schedule, he should have no problem maintaining his dominance over the opposing defense.

However, the NFL playoffs can test him and show if he can still be the elite against the elite defense.

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