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Fact or fiction: Brent Key has done enough to get a job at Georgia Tech


Rivals National Recruitment Analyst Ryan Wright together with National Analyst Clint Cosgrove, Kelly Quinlan of JacketsOnline.com and Frank Tucker z CanesCounty.com address three themes and determine in the event that they think each statement is FACT or FICTION.

1. Big Ten teams would profit from harder recruiting in Florida and Georgia.

Mel Tucker (USA Today Sports Images)

Wright’s Shot: FACT. Ohio state has eight players within the 2023 class from Georgia and Florida headed to Columbus, all five and 4 stars; how great will this band be in a couple of years? Most of the recent conferences and All-American Buckeyes, just like the Bosa brothers and Justin Fields, to call a couple of, are from the Southeast.

For the 2019 cycle, Michigan made the South-East its seventh priority landing. Penn State goes into the world consistently with mixed results, but makes the trouble. Under Mel Tucker, Florida is certainly a valued recruiting area. Plus, it seems most Big Ten teams are skipping offers for Florida and Georgia players which might be never heard of again.

Regional bias, but there may be a lot talent in the world, many three-star players within the Southeast can be on a distinct level in most Big Ten states. These extra players on the pitch make a giant difference on the scoreboard. More effort within the region needs to be put into Big Ten programs.

Cosgrove’s Shot: Fiction. I think a product on the pitch can be higher if Big Ten schools could consistently bring out top talent from Georgia and Florida, but beating the SEC team in your personal recruiting game is difficult to do unless your mascot is a Buckeye, Wolverine, or Nittany Lion.

You could have to either be blueblood with resources to beat Alabama and Georgiacountries of the world or do a superb job of consistently identifying the differential aspects which might be missed by the main south programs in an effort to be a ton of success in recruiting these states. This will be done as Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota and others within the Big Ten have landed in Georgia and Florida lately, and I think that any conference program must include recruiting in each states, but at the identical time Midwestern schools often should deal with all of their resources to recruit any area. on which the second violin is played.


2. Brent Key has done enough to develop into a full-time head coach at Georgia Tech.

Brent key

Brent Key (USA Today Sports Images)

Wright’s Shot: Fiction. In three defeats this season under former coach Geoff Collins, the defeat margin was 30 points and the yellow jackets looked like an absolute loser. The interim head coach made a right away substitution by winning the conference matches Pitt and Prince only to lose matches one after the other Virginia and State of Florida the sport against Cavaliers (3-6) is win-win.

Yellow Jackets (4-5) have three more games to achieve the magic six-win point to make a bowl. We are able to outline the potential for hitting Georgia within the season finale, forsaking matches to be won Miami and North Carolina.

Up so far, Key has done a terrific job Georgia Tech competitive and staff gathered their recruiting class together, making moves along the best way, expecting to be within the constructing next yr. To beat this hump by removing the temporary label, Key has to win in his conference games. Fans love Key, and it’s comprehensible, but when the Yellow Jackets miss the possibility to play bowling, a higher-profile trainer might pick up that Key’s job.

Quinlan’s Shot: Brent Secret is a terrific guy, but he must get one or two more wins to essentially show his ability to maneuver the needle, and that can be tough with the remaining of the schedule outside Miami. A win over Miami and an in depth match against UNC might do the trick, but so much is dependent upon how the brand new AD J Batt sees progress and who he has in mind. Batt is the primary AD and has worked with Key in Alabama, so all of this can be an interesting a part of the method. Nobody will work hard to succeed aside from Key at his alma mater, however the last three years under Collins’ leadership have left a mouthful of disgust around this system wanting a clean sheet for a recent coach. This might be the most important hurdle at once.

Key did a powerful job as interim coach in changing things, especially after losing star quarterback Jeff Sims to a foot injury at the tip of a Duke match, however the bowl bid can be long to offer him some momentum to maintain the position. Recruiting was difficult given the uncertainty, so a couple of victories on this front could also increase his probabilities.



3. Miami Has More Recruits To Landing In 2023 Recruiting Class.

Samuel M'Pemba

Samuel M’Pemba

Wright’s Shot: Fiction. Commitment heard across the recruiting world is Cormani McClain’s five-star corner aiming at Miami end Florida. Can the Canes keep the ball moving? Possibly, but doubtful. There are hopes of grabbing five-star IMG defensive Samuel M’Pemba, who has yet to take his official to Miami, and five-star offensive attacker Samson Okunlola of Massachusetts. For months now, Okunlola is taken into account very poor for Miami, while M’Pemba is taken into account poor for Georgia. Outside of Okunlola, unless a giant flip occurs, other potential Rivals100 customers should not expected to tie into Miami.

Alternatively, keeping a four-star defensive Ruben Bain stud at home can be an enormous win. What if Miami can by some means get a Brandon Inniss five star receiver to make him change his mind by rejecting it? Ohio statewhich might win all actions in the course of the early signing period.

Tucker’s Shot: FACT. Miami is in a superb position to complete this class in 2023 with a bang. Samson Okunlola’s five-star offensive strike looks like a castle for Miami and was in high spirits with Miami recruits after the Florida match despite the final result. 4-star defender Damari Brown has family ties to Miami and appears to be getting closer and closer to collecting the stick. I would not be surprised if local defender Rueben Bain or Florida made the sport from winger Andy Jean, who also found himself on this class.


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