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Offseason Willson Contreras rumors should include these five teams as top destinations for the All-Star catcher.

Willson Contreras rumors this offseason should include a much wider array of destinations than what we witnessed on the trade deadline. The Chicago Cubs were forced into holding onto him because of an absence of suitors. It wasn’t a lot due to questions on his talent. There just weren’t enough teams willing to bid against themselves for a catcher midseason.

In the course of the winter when large chunks of MLB rosters change, more clubs shall be willing to call a distinct starting catcher. We all know Contreras is one in all the best-hitting catchers in the sport. Teams on the lookout for offense in a spot where there normally isn’t much hitting power needs to be throughout him.

Where is it that Contreras will find yourself? These five destinations stand out as the perfect.

1) Willson Contreras rumors could lead on him back to the Chicago Cubs

Nothing can be more romantic for Chicago Cubs fans than Willson Contreras returning to assist create a dream lineup in 2023. It’s plausible. The team seems willing to spend this offseason.

Is it the perfect destination for him? It’s definitely one in all them. He knows the environment. He knows the staff. Wrigley is where he has called home. More players should keep on with the identical team throughout their profession. Although he’s technically already a free agent and has departed, it might feel like he never left if on Opening Day he’s behind the plate for the Cubs once more.

Early offseason Cubs rumors have them eyeing the large free agent shortstop market. They must also be seeking to add an outfielder. Pitching is something every ball club could upgrade, too.

The Cubs won’t have the option to supply Contreras the perfect probability to win in 2023. They will’t do this for everybody. They’re one other 12 months away from seriously competing. Things can get channeled in the appropriate direction this offseason. Retaining Contreras is one in all those moves to make.

It will especially help the Cubs because one other among the finest places for Contreras is inside the division.

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