Filipino American Religious Heritage Day is appropriately celebrated on the eve of All-Saints Day which is honored by each Catholics and Protestants. On today in 1617, Martin Luther nailed his “95 Thesis” for reforming the church, generally acknowledged as the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

Filipino Americans are amongst probably the most religious people in Recent York City. They really have the Spirit!

10 surprising facts about Filipino American Religion*

1. Surprising fact: Christianity from the Philippines is the earliest occurrence within the historical record of Asian American religion.

Within the sixteenth Century, Filipino sailors aboard the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Esperanza (Our Lady of Hope) with the Catholic priest Martin Ignacio de Loyola landed on the California coast, probably at Morro Bay near modern San Luis Obispo.

This yr is the celebration of 500 Years of Christianity within the Philippines. It commemorates the introduction of Christianity within the Philippines in 1521 when the Magellan expedition made a stopover within the islands.

2. Surprising Filipina, Mary! Filipino Americans have their very own tradition of Mary, Mother of Jesus traveling to the Philippines. She known as “Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage,” the Virgin of Antipolo.

Her veneration began within the late seventeenth century with the arrival of a statue of Mary that physically resembles a Filipina woman! The icon was carved in Mexico out of dark wood and made several trips forwards and backwards until finally settling within the Philippines.

3. Surprising fact: 92% of Filipino Americans discover with a faith!

5. Almost two-thirds (65 percent) of Filipino Americans discover themselves as Catholic.

6. 21% of Filipino Americans discover themselves as Protestant.

7. Surprising fact:  Filipino Americans are the third-largest Asian American group in america!

About one in five (19 percent) Asian Americans have a Filipino background, in line with an evaluation of the Pew Research Center. There are about 4,211,000 Filipino Americans.

8. NYC surprise! There are about 236,000 Filipino Americans within the NYC area. (Most Filipino Americans are targeting the West Coast.)

9. A Filipino American may soon or already be in your loved ones! Did you realize that within the twenty first Century, a majority of Filipino Americans marry someone from one other racial or ethnic group?

10. Surprising results of American colonialism. The American takeover of the Philippines in 1898 result in freedom of faith and an unlimited increase in women’s religious groups within the Philippines.

The separation of church and state by the American administration forced the Catholic hierarchy to attach more closely with the Filipino people. The church began ordaining indigenous priests and involving lay leadership, including female Filipinos. Independent Catholicism (the Aglipayan Church) and Protestantism grew quickly.

*Stats come from the U.S. Census, “Asian Americans: A Mosaic of  Faiths 2012,” Pew Research Center, Washington, DC,” and Journey Census of NYC religions.

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