Turncoat Mike Pence Teases Potential 2024 Run Against President Trump


Turncoat Mike Pence recently sat down with ABC News and teased that a 2024 run for President was under ‘consideration.’

This got here the day before President Trump is ready to make an enormous announcement tonight, leaving many speculating an announcement of his 2024 run.

The fake news would like to see this.

They’re doing every part possible to boost up Republicans to run against Trump in 2024.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Mike Pence trashed President Trump in an interview earlier today, calling him “reckless” for the fed-induced rebel on January 6.

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Why is Mike Pence Still Trashing Trump and Why Does He Think He’s Relevant Today?

Jack Posobiec tweeted that Pence is considering a 2024 run against the last legitimate President.

Mike Pence could be blamed for the destruction and chaos that the Biden Regime has caused in only two short years.

It was Mike Pence who lied to the American public after which stabbed Trump and his voters within the back.

Every day Mail reported,

Former Vice President Mike Pence said there might be ‘higher decisions’ than Donald Trump running in 2024 but insisted the ultimate decision was as much as the American people during a clip of his ABC News interview that aired on Monday evening.

Pence’s conversation with the network aired only a day before Trump is predicted to launch a 3rd campaign for the White House.

Allies have openly pleaded with the previous president to carry off until the makeup of next yr’s Congress is fully decided next month, on the heels of a poor midterm election performance by Republicans.

Waiting for the following race, Pence has been floated as a possible 2024 contender himself.

He told ABC News that it was something under ‘consideration’ in his household.

But he demurred when asked about his odds of beating Trump in a head-on primary.

Mike Pence is completely irrelevant, and he would get tossed by President Trump in a Republican Primary.

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