Trump-Obsessed Psychiatrist Bandy Lee Loses SECOND Lawsuit Against Her Former Employer Yale University | The Gateway Pundit | by Mike LaChance


Do you remember Bandy Lee? She is the psychiatrist, formerly of Yale, who was repeatedly rolled out by Democrats and the media to assert that Trump and his supporters are dangerous.

It seems that diagnosing people from afar is a giant no-no in psychiatry. Yale put up together with her for some time, but when she then decided to go after Alan Dershowitz, who threatened serious legal motion, Yale kicked her to the curb.

She has since been attempting to sue Yale and get her position back, but things aren’t figuring out as planned. She just lost her second lawsuit against the university.

The College Fix reports:

Psychiatrist who called Trump supporters mentally ailing loses in court against Yale

Former Yale University volunteer and researcher Bandy Lee has lost one more lawsuit against the college in relation to the non-renewal of her agreement together with her.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a prior ruling that found Yale acted lawfully when it decided to not renew an agreement with Lee, who had an unpaid role on the Ivy League university.

Lee (pictured) has not “adequately alleged a promise that Yale wouldn’t decline to renew her appointment on account of her public statements,” the three-judge panel ruled. The choice went on to review Lee’s claims and explain why they were being rejected.

“Now we have considered Lee’s remaining arguments and located them to be without merit,” the judges ruled in conclusion, upholding a district judge’s decision.

Lee’s unpaid opportunity at Yale was not renewed after she made diagnoses of President Donald Trump, his supporters and Harvard Law School’s Alan Dershowitz. She said supporters of Trump suffered from a “spread of ‘shared psychosis,’” as previously reported by The College Fix.

Ms. Lee resides proof that Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

She will want to seek the counsel of a few of her former colleagues.

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