The Latest York Times title page blames the rapper, NBA star’s anti-Semitism on Trump and the GOP


Latest York Times On Sunday’s front page, Michael Paulson and Ruth Graham explored the alleged Trump-driven resurgence of anti-Semitism led by rapper formerly Kanye West and basketball star Kyrie Irving? — in “Popular culture and politics are fueling a violent stream of anti-Semitism“.

One peculiar omission: murder of six people in Jersey City in December 2019, including 4 in a kosher supermarket, murder perhaps missed as neither Trump nor Republicans may very well be blamed for it, was inspired by a conspiratorial, anti-Semitic side go shout out the group’s rhetoric Black Hebrew Israelites.

Paulson and Graham ran a disturbing anecdote in Brooklyn a couple of rabbi who was verbally assaulted at a gas station for being Jewish. He blamed the tensions brought on by the previous Kanye West (now referred to as Ye).

For Jews in America, things are really tense. Next week’s mid-term elections appear to be a referendum on the direction democracy goes. There may be a war in Europe. The economy appears to be wobbling. It’s a dangerous time, and dangerous times have never been great for the Jews.


Steve Rosenberg, former director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, said he was “placed on the brink” in an incident last weekend by which distinguished basketball player Nets network watcher Kyrie Irving defended his support for an anti-Semitic documentary (and won praise from Ye )… ..

But one way or the other, Trump and the Republicans are blamed for the rancid statements of the rapper and NBA star.

Years after the election of Mr. Trump – an advocate of the Israeli right and the daddy of a convert to Judaism, but in addition a beneficiary of social anger, which frequently has ugly overtones – has seen a rise in attacks against the Jewish community, which some leaders associate with Trump’s reluctance to distance himself from anti-Semitism trafficking groups.

The writers really strained to create crazy right-wing political theories, especially anti-Jewish ones, and cited a poll conducted by the group dedicated to attacking Christian conservatives as bigots.

As electoral fraud conspiracy theories have established themselves within the mainstream of the Republican Party, the rhetoric about Jewish power takes on a disturbing latest forged. A poll by the Public Religion Research Institute in 2021 found that almost 1 / 4 of Republicans agreed that “the US government, media, and financial world are controlled by a satanic pedophile group who’re running the worldwide child sex trafficking operation. “

Nonetheless, Trayon White Sr., who stays a councilor in Washington, posted a video of the 2018 snowstorm directly claiming that Jewish financiers control the weather. This controversy only deserved a stray mention in a review on

They put together more anecdotes.

The theme of anti-Semitism connects most of the country’s recent spasms of political violence: the chanting of “Jews Cannot Replace Us” at a 2017 White Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia; the “Auschwitz Camp” shirt worn during last yr’s attack on the Capitol; Holocaust denial in blog posts that appear to have been written by a person accused of breaking into the residence of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week ….

Meanwhile, such slander by Democrats was met with nodding approval.

Last week, America’s Jewish Democratic Council released a digital ad juxtaposing images of rallies in Nazi Germany, the January 6 Capitol invasion, anti-Semitic graffiti, and the recent “Kanye is Right” banner over the Los Angeles Highway.

Along with the mention of a recent threat to a Latest Jersey synagogue, Times He even mentioned the 2019 attack on a synagogue in California, but again skipped the Black Israel-inspired attack in Jersey City in 2019. Why?

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