Best Scalp Treatments 2022 (and Why You Should Use Them)


Previously, it’s fair to say that we saw our scalp as a self-cleaning oven. Unless your head really itches or dumps scaly pain onto your shoulder area, this can be a hands-free approach. Whether it’s covered with shiny thatched roofs or beginning to thin, it is easy to overlook the skin above and behind the ears. Until the day you discover, like all “self-cleaning” oven, your scalp is roofed with goo.

This was our experience during a recent visit to experienced trichologists, Philip Kingsley. As we nonchalantly knocked around in front of the mirror, our therapist Sidney glanced at our crown and was diagnosed with eczema. We were unaware of this state of affairs, but from the bird’s-eye view she could see large dry red patches covered with hair. Our horror was short-lived; Sidney had a plan to repair this. It is time to take a better take a look at the condition of the scalp.

Why is it value caring for the scalp?

“Scalp care is very important to completely everyone,” says Adam Reed, International Hairdresser and Company Founder ARKIVE Head care and Adam Reed London. “Men’s hair is mostly shorter, so you’ll be able to see in case your scalp is dry, flaky, flaky, or oily. An important thing in caring to your scalp is to maintain it clean and to condition, strengthen and be certain that it is filled with hydration.

“Whatever your scalp needs, it’s totally essential to take it seriously and treat it like the remainder of your skin, as a healthy scalp will encourage healthy hair growth, which is absolutely a key profit.” It is smart – any decent farmer knows you’ll be able to’t get a superb harvest without taking excellent care of the soil first.

Having spotlessly clean hair does not imply you are not wearing a grimy skullcap. The function of the scalp is each an extension of the skin of the face and of the hair. Itchy conditions also increase hair loss, so in the event you are going bald it will probably make the situation worse.

Anabel Kingsley, brand president and trichologist at Philip Kingsley, says: “By keeping your hair and scalp healthy, you will help reduce porosity and seal the outer cuticle, helping to strengthen the hair.” Extending your grooming program beyond your hairline is one option to provide these precious hair follicles with a greater environment for growth.

What are common scalp conditions and their causes?

“Common scalp problems include dry, flaky scalp and dandruff. [But] it is important to find out if you’ve dandruff, a medical condition, or simply a dry scalp. Oily scalp is one other problem, so it is important to cleanse without taking your hair off, so you would like a splash of a dual-action product that may cleanse your scalp nicely without drying your hair, ”says Adam Reed.

“Itching and peeling can occur when a species of yeast, called Malassezia, overgrows, which may occur when the scalp’s microbiome is shaken,” explains Anabel Kingsley. “Yeasts live naturally on the scalp and typically don’t cause any problems, but it surely is straightforward for yeasts and bacteria to accumulate on the scalp, especially when grown in oily environments.”

“Some individuals are just sensitive to normal levels of this yeast on the skin. Individuals with scalp conditions equivalent to psoriasis and dandruff often find that stress makes them worse. Due to this fact, once you undergo a stressful period, chances are you’ll find your scalp is more scaly, itchy, oily and customarily more sensitive. ”

Philip Kingsley Clinics in London and Latest York treat and diagnose a comprehensive list of scalp problems including telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, traction alopecia, scarring alopecia, thyroid disease, trichotillomania, and cancer treatment hair loss (chemotherapy, radiotherapy) and COVID-19, psoriasis, eczema, dietary deficiencies, medications, and stress.

What does a healthy scalp appear to be?

While some conditions require immediate attention, you need not have a difficulty along with your scalp to care for it. “A healthy scalp is clean, smooth and clear. Good scalp care means there ought to be no signs of redness, dryness, flaking or irritation, ”says Anabel Kingsley.

A more in-depth take a look at the undergrowth would likely reveal a miniature forest floor with clogged hair follicles and pores, layers of dead skin, and amassed waxy products that literally stick the basis to the pinnacle. More often than not, this texture seems normal as we hardly experience a very scrubbed scalp.

At Philip Kingsley, Hair Spa Treatments are tailored to the needs of your scalp. We began our treatment by getting our hair wet and applying a layer of exfoliating mask to the scalp. The hair was then covered from root to tip with Elasticizer deep conditioning preparation and placed under the steamer. Then the hair was sprinkled with water to loosen the product, and the therapist massaged the scalp, neck and shoulders with firm pressure. A double shampoo and conditioner was then applied to thoroughly clean and rinse. Then she applied the tonic to the scalp without rinsing, rubbing it in together with her fingers. After applying appropriate styling agents to guard the hair, they were dried with a dryer.

After running my fingers through my hair, the roots felt silky smooth, and our scalp, scrubbed and glossy, was now completely freed from redness and dryness. It was as if our head had been fully reset to factory settings. In brief, it was a discovery.

The very best home scalp treatments for men

Luckily, you do not need access to an exclusive salon to provide your scalp just a little TLC, although we recommend finding a superb Indian head massage or scalp treatment near you. These home treatments will help address common problems and provides your scalp and hair follicles much-needed strengthening.

Scalp treatments before washing

For shiny / sensitive scalp: Christophe Robin’s cleansing cleansing scrub

Use this freshly scented Christophe Robin scrub shampoo once per week to take care of oily roots and soothe an irritated scalp. Constructed from thick chunks of sea salt to enliven and exfoliate the crown, this paste works especially well on short, thin hair – longer hair only must be rinsed more thoroughly.

It also works well with recently coloured hair, removing blemishes from the skin.

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Oily scalp / dandruff: Aveda Pramāsana Purifying Scalp Cleanser

Used alone or as a pre-shampoo treatment, this Aveda scalp cleanser uses a chemical scrub, salicylic acid, to regenerate the scalp’s surface and balance sebum, removing impurities and dirt.

Use with a stimulating exfoliating scalp brush to massage the product into the skin and lift the scalp. Because of a special closed bristle loop, it increases microcirculation, removes impurities and soothes itching without damaging the hair or skin.

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Dry scalp and hair: JVN Hair Pre-Wash Scalp Oil

Dry skin on the body? It’s possible that your scalp is thirsty too – especially in the event you use heat to style your hair frequently, as this may dehydrate your skin. Full of moisturizing hemisqualane, this mix of natural plant-derived oils will provide your scalp with much-needed hydration without leaving your hair greasy.

Apply a couple of drops and massage into dry scalp just before washing, or leave it on longer for extra hydration.

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For all skin types: Arkive Headcare Scalp Scrub

This chilling, cooling scalp scrub is just what you should start your long day. Fruit enzymes, menthol and caffeine stimulate the scalp and senses, while exfoliating lactic acid and naturally dissolving pearls remove dead skin cells for a clean scalp.

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For flaky, itchy or irritated scalp: Philip Kingsley Anti-Dandruff Scalp Mask

Itchy scalp driving you crazy? This cooling, effective treatment directly targets the microbes that cause dandruff due to its anti-fungal ingredients, providing immediate comfort for unhappy skin.

Apply to towel-dried strands, leave for 10-20 minutes, then rinse and shampoo as usual. Use weekly to assist stop symptoms or relieve an occasional flare-up.

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For lovers of styling products: Harry’s Scalp Scrub

Return to zero with this refreshing menthol sugar scrub. Like a cutout switch, it’s designed to remove build-up from shampoo, conditioner, and styling products without removing natural oils out of your skin or hair.

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Treatments without rinsing the scalp

For wonderful, thinning and weak hair: Sisley Paris Revitalizing Strengthening Serum

A clinically tested, luxurious scalp treatment, Sisley’s Serum strengthens and protects the hair at the basis with rice proteins and a vitalizing complex of zinc, copper, magnesium, arginine, vitamins B6 and B5 and provitamin B5.

Meanwhile, vitamin peptides and Einkorn wheat extract work to enhance hair density and resistance to brittleness.

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For wonderful, thinning and weak hair: Philip Kingsley Drops to maintain the scalp thick

You need to be involved in using these scalp drops day by day for at the least three months to get the outcomes you would like.

Because of technologically advanced energetic ingredients equivalent to biomimetic peptides, azelaic acid, pyridoxine HCL and PCA zinc, the dedicated use of those drops can reduce hair loss and stabilize areas which may be thinning attributable to nutrient deficiencies.

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For an itchy, flaky and dry scalp: Philip Kingsley Anti-Dandruff Tonic

You should use this tonic without rinsing on wet or dry hair as often as you want. Water-based, it dries with no trace and cleans the scalp of dry, flaky skin.

The antimicrobial combination of pyroctone olamine, benzalkonium chloride, exfoliating salicylic and lactic acid, nose tingling camphor and moisturizing hyaluronic acid and shea butter reduces irritation and inflammation for long-lasting relief.

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For thinning hair: Horace Serum against hair loss

One other stick serum, you should use it 3 times per week for 2 months for it to cool down. Clinical studies have shown advantages equivalent to thicker, thicker hair follicles and slower hair loss.

Non-greasy and quick-drying, it will probably be applied to wet or dry hair.

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For Thirsty Scalps: Harry’s Scalp Cream

Applying the cream on to the scalp normally makes us nervous. Will we now have greasy, flattened hair and can should be rinsed? Not so with Harry’s scalp cream. It’s water-based and barely fragrant and may be applied to towel-dried hair or as needed.

Moisturizing squalane and aloe vera juice keep the skin smooth and moisturized.

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For weak, thinning hair and a dry scalp: Living Proof Scalp Care Nourishing Scalp Care

A clean, fragrant, leave-in treatment for damp or dry hair, for day by day and night use. It incorporates a healthy complex of hair follicles with yeast proteins, zinc salts and energetic ingredients that nurture the hair root, while amaranth and peptides pump the hair fibers.

The narrow nozzle allows precise application and is supplied with a rubber massager for extra stimulation of the scalp. Satisfied customers noticed fuller, thicker and healthier hair.

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