Tips on how to prepare a house for a cat


Did you know cats have been kept as pets in Britain since Roman times? We have a long history of being a cat-loving nation! But bringing your cat (or two!) Home requires some preparation.

Here are some home adaptations to consider to keep your home cat friendly while also being fashionable.

How to find a pet your family will love

If you’re thinking of getting a cat, there are a few criteria you need to meet to ensure a cat-friendly home. First, where will you get your cat, breeder, or emergency center? What information can they give you about your cat’s characteristics so that you have a better idea of ​​their specific needs? For example, some cats require regular grooming while others are more self-sufficient.

Food, bedding, accessories and vet bills can add up quickly. It’s best to budget in advance so you know what to expect. The cost of buying an outdoor cat is different to that of an indoor cat. You may need to install a cat flap for easy access to the outside. However, outdoors cats likely need fewer scratchers and other accessories as they explore outdoors.

You have many options to customize your home to suit your cat’s needs.

Cats and kittens

A photo of the kitchen lying on the wall of a climbing cat

Although cats are cute, cuddly and often very sleepy, they are still pets! This means they need space to follow their animal instincts such as wandering, climbing, and claw-scratching. To avoid accidental damage, invest in scratching posts for your cat.

Design a playroom for cats

A cat playroom is the perfect place to make your cat a cat without ruining anything. Fill it with climbing gear, scratching posts, and even old furniture that you don’t mind scratching. If you need help cleaning your room, check out the cleaning and waste disposal services available at Rated People.


Create exploration nooks

An image of a cat on a wooden table

If you’re working with less space, a corner or wall with a cat house for them to climb, scratch and nap into will also work well. Thanks to its clean, fragrance-free litter box, you don’t have to worry about the fragrance affecting the rest of your home.

Enable easy access outside

Outdoor cats love their independence! So make sure you create easy access points so they can embark on their adventures. It could be a traditional cat hatch with a back door if you have a back garden. If your house layout allows you to explore the roof, consider placing a Smart Cat Hatch on the top floor.

How to make your home cat-friendly?

Photo of a cat in a cat booth in the living room

Your cat’s character and needs will become apparent when you take him into your home. However, there is some preparation you can do to make sure they acclimatize well, such as adapting to their animal instincts and basic needs. If in any doubt, consult your veterinarian or local animal welfare charity. For expert support in transforming your home into a cat shelter, contact your local trader.


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