One step closer to “IUD For Men”: doctors inject the primary men with a male contraceptive gel


On Thursday, a medical equipment company Contralin she first implanted a male hydrogel-based contraceptive in humans in a clinical trial. A reversible, non-hormonal gel was implanted into the vas deferens of 4 men.

Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, the corporate was founded in 2015 to deal with the issue of the world’s lack of male contraception.

“Three-quarters of the world is using contraception at any time, and most methods still give attention to women,” Contraline CEO Kevin Eisenfrats said in an interview. “There’s a growing demand for men who want recent options and we are attempting to unravel this problem.”

Using a non-invasive method without using a scalpel, doctors implanted 4 men Adam, Contraline’s flagship product, in Melbourne, Australia. Adam’s job is to dam the flow of sperm to the vas deferens for a certain time frame.

“We wish to call it a ‘male IUD’ just because there is no such thing as a everlasting and reversible method for men – something that might be ‘set and forgotten’. But that’s where the analogy ends, ”said Eisenfrats.

The analogy ends because, unlike IUDs, Adam is non-hormonal and is available in the shape of a gel. But identical to an IUD, Adam might be implanted during a visit to the doctor.

In line with Eisenfrats, the procedure within the office can take lower than 10 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. He said the procedure is “virtually similar to a vasectomy,” but “as an alternative of pinching,” the doctor injects a hydrogel into the vas deferens. When sperm is blocked from moving through the vas deferens, a person doesn’t produce sperm in his ejaculation and due to this fact is unable to fertilize an egg.

Eisenfrats identified that the important thing difference between getting an Adam implant and having a vasectomy is that the latter is taken into account irreversible.

“We’re probably not going into the vasectomy market – we’re now searching for younger men who don’t really have any options,” he said.

Adam’s clinical trial checks the security and effectiveness of the product while monitoring participants’ sperm parameters for 3 years. In line with Eisenfrats, the study, which is going down in Australia, recruits as much as 25 patients. He said that recruiting into the research has to date been “really pretty easy and simple” because there are loads of people who find themselves excited concerning the product – something he has observed even in a clinical trial setting.

Investors also supported the Contraline product. The corporate recently closed a $ 7.2 million funding round that it led GVto date $ 17.9 million has been raised.

Identified Eisenfrats Wasalgel because the only direct competitor of Contraline. Vasalgel has been working on putting the gel into the vas deferens for over a decade, he said, and his gel has a very different chemistry than Adam. Vasagel never began clinical trials due to concerns concerning the safety and reversibility of the injections, Eisenfrats said.

“Although this is sort of a milestone in early clinical research, it’s a giant deal for the entire field that that is moving forward,” he said. “And this shall be the primary clinical data on non-hormonal male contraceptives in greater than 20 years – so it’s a extremely big deal.”

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