Will you escape Castle Rock for good this time? We Were Here Without end premieres on Xbox


Trapped and betrayed by a previous partner, do you’ve the wits and teamwork to flee? Trapped within the dungeon under the castle, you now must depend on your latest partner to try to flee once more, but it surely won’t be easy. A well-recognized, sinister creature lurks within the dungeon. And who says escaping Castle Rock is sufficient to break free from the king’s wrath?

The We Were Here series revolves around a mysterious stronghold in the dominion of Castle Rock. You and your partner play as explorers – trapped in frozen Antarctica you come across this mysterious place that seems to exist in its own space and time. You’ll slowly learn in regards to the last king of Castle Rock, his family, and the last curse that was imposed on the castle and his subjects.

The series and its games revolve around asymmetric puzzle solving in online co-op. More environments, puzzles and story elements were added with each game to further expand the series. In We Were Here Without end, we have gone much further than previous games within the series, packing each area with puzzles and details that actually bring each location to life. The areas you explore have expanded significantly from Castle Rock and its connections to the areas, to all the underground area, doll shop, graveyard and more!

Furthermore, you and your partner now have some power to determine which area you need to explore first! Ensure that you each agree and communicate as that is the important thing to surviving on this cold and forgotten place. This may result in a fun, but additionally dramatic (and frustrating) puzzle-solving experience. Guide one another through colourful and trip mazes, play music and solve the mystery of the Rockburry inhabitants who lived there. Perhaps you’ll learn more about them than you initially expect …

As mentioned before, We Were Here Without end is larger than any game we have made before. In our previous games, exploration and puzzle-solving were mostly confined to the Castle Rock grounds. While still a pretty big castle, what’s a kingdom with no city to rule? For instance, near the castle there’s a cemetery, a puppet workshop; left by the townspeople who had worked there before. There also appears to be an underground city to which the inhabitants allegedly fled when the sky above Castle Rock turned red and dark …

Your trips into the earth will feel like an entire latest world. With a small pot and a diving suit, you and your partner descend into an area where a whole lot of puzzles await you. One in all the things you will see there’s a pipe maze. Other than trying to not wander off or lose my partner, something appears to be incorrect with the pipes.

Moreover, at the underside you will probably be greeted by an underwater oasis with a fun machine in the center. By showing up first as a spot of peace and tranquility, it becomes clear to each of you that something must be done here. Try to not get overwhelmed and stay focused or face the results …


But in case you thought the world kingdoms will probably be the frontier in We Were Here Without end, you then do not get it. Along with the varied locations within the cold Antarctic surrounding Castle Rock, a mysterious, colourful but disturbing dimension awaits you each …

Within the Realm of the Jester, there are a lot of portals that may take you to different places in his special environment. Colours, numbers, playing cards, symbols … Do you spin, spin, go up and down, left and right? Expect the unexpected and regulate your partner and what is going on around you. Remember, the Jester is a mysterious creature and also you never know what to anticipate from him … In the event you think your escape is imminent and also you beat him in your personal toy box, attempt to take a better look and re-evaluate …


We Were Here Without end will premiere on January 31, 2023! Remember that you could play any game within the We Were Here series as a standalone game, but we recommend every player to play all of our games before We Were Here Without end for the very best experience! Moreover, we would really like to say that for our Xbox players there will probably be a crossplay between other consoles and PC! So don’t be concerned, in case your puzzle-exploring partner is stuck on one other console, we’ll get you together so you’ll be able to play this game together ceaselessly 😉

So go get your partner and practice your brain teasers – puzzle solving and communication while on vacation! It is time to spend time together, and what higher technique to solve puzzles together in a winter wonderland! We Were Here Without end is waiting for you on January thirty first!

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