Megan Fox and Zelda and Link cosplay from MGK really liked


Link could be the hero of Hyrule, but even all of Triforce’s power cannot stop celebrities from disguising themselves as a classic video game hero.

On Thursday, Megan Fox shared photos from a Halloween photo shoot together with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly (MGK). They each took a more nerdy approach to this costume set and went as Zelda and Link from The Legend of Zelda. They give the impression of being stunning as usual, although the costumes are bland in comparison with a few of the great cosplays I’m used to regularly.

Megan wore a corset and an ornate, floor-length skirt with long slits adorned with the Triforce symbol. Her thigh-length, laced gold heels stuck out through the slits, and her hair was blonde for the occasion, arranged to appear like it was blowing within the wind.

However, MGK’s approach to Link was a bit less fancy and looked more like a mixture of casual clothes. The MGK looked like he was wearing gray denim pants and a hoodie under his tunic. He also wasn’t wielding a Master Sword, as a substitute he carried what looked more like an enormous knife. Possibly he selected a more casual version of Link, just like the one from Link to the Past?

The total story comes at a time when celebrity costumes have never been higher. Halloween 2022 is the flagship 12 months for warm nerds. Megan Thee Stallion has stunned anime fans around the globe together with her amazing Mirko cosplay from My Hero Academia. Doja Cat spoke to longtime Animal Crossing fans, disguising herself as the unique village inhabitant from 2001’s Game Cube. Everyone sets themselves very high standards. (This includes non-videogame costumes like Heidi Klum entering all our hearts, swinging a bulbous worm costume.)

There’s something surprisingly fun about it, however the cosplay and photo shoot suit a pair whose public persona focuses on shared quirks. Fox once said that they “eat their blood every so often for ritual purposes.” Additionally they each appear to support their nerdy sites. Megan Fox’s all-time favorite movie is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Plus the song MGK “Daywalker!” it literally features a line from the streamer and singer CorpseHusband and his music video star streamer Valkyrae.

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