RHOA’s Drew Sidora Dishes On ‘Boiling Point’ With Ralph Pittman


As her divorce wages on, Drew Sidora is speaking on the aspects that led to her and Ralph Pittman calling it quits.

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Drew Acknowledges Facing “Embarrassment” After Her Marital Issues Played Out On RHOA

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star dished on her pending divorce during a recent sit-down with PEOPLE.

She specifically stood by previous comments in regards to the nature of their relationship, as she said the reason for the split was “a culmination of things that mustn’t occur in a wedding.”

Moreover, Sidora said that Pittman’s “inability to apologize” was also a contributing factor.

“I feel the shortcoming to own it, the shortcoming to apologize, the shortcoming to work through it, the shortcoming to care about my emotional state and wanting to work and heal that, was very difficult.”

Ultimately, Drew Sidora says she hit her “boiling point” once their issues began playing out on RHOA, as she faced “embarrassment on top of what [they] were coping with behind closed doors.”

“[It was] definitely the breaking point, and enough is enough. And I didn’t see that coming… It was like [there was] nothing else left for me to carry onto since the behavior and inappropriateness just never stopped. It was just an excessive amount of.”

Drew Sidora Keeps Her Fingers Crossed For An “Amicable Divorce”

Nonetheless, Drew Sidora hopes that she and Ralph Pittman have an “amicable divorce” so that they can deal with transitioning to “great co-parenting.”

“I’m hoping for a terrific co-parenting partner. I’m hoping for us to come back out of this and give you the option to be friends and be respectful. I’m hoping for my kids to be completely satisfied and just to essentially see what life has for me on the opposite side of all this.”

The Bravo personality added that although this “respectful” arrangement is currently “hard to assume,” she’s looking forward to them to be “completely whole moving forward.”

“It’s hard to assume immediately, but I might love to simply be completely whole moving forward.”

Ralph Pittman Denied Being “Physically Aggressive” To Drew

As The Shade Room reported, news of the couple’s split broke in early March.

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PEOPLE initially cited Pittman as being the party to file. Nevertheless, TMZ later reported that Drew made it to the courthouse 61 minutes before Ralph.

We must always also add that Drew Sidora reportedly called her estranged husband “physically aggressive” and a “serial cheater” in her filing, though Ralph Pittman denied this accusation.

Moreover, RadarOnline noted that Ralph “hopes to resolve” the split in an “amicable fashion” to be able to “reserve the sanctity of [their] private lives.”

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