Donald Trump Lashes Out After Rupert Murdoch-Owned Media Outlets Pin Blame On Him For Midterm Mess – Deadline


Donald Trump very unsurprisingly lashed out at “fake news” and “enemy of the people!” in a series of post-midterm, middle-of-the-night and early morning posts, but his responses differed a bit in that they were coming as some Rupert Murdoch-media outlets were making him the offender for Republicans disappointing results.

“Trump Is The Republican Party’s Biggest Loser,” read the headline of the Wall Street Journal editorial board. “What’s going to Democrats do when Donald Trump isn’t around to lose elections?” the editorial read.

The Recent York Post featured Trump as “Trumpty Dumpty.” The subhead was, “Don (who couldn’t construct a wall) had an incredible fall — can all of the GOP’s men put the party back together again?”

On Fox News, there was considerable attention to Ron DeSantis’s lopsided victory in Florida, an additional irritant to Trump who already has gotten in just a few digs to his potential rival for the GOP nomination in 2024.

On her primetime show on Wednesday, Laura Ingraham cited DeSantis’ victory, referring to the strategy for winning as the long run of the GOP. She said that the GOP in 2024 must be focused on winning and “not only making a degree or settling a rating.” She also said that if voters “conclude that you just are putting your personal ego or your personal grudges ahead of what’s good for the country, they’re going to look elsewhere.” She didn’t specifically name Trump as that person, but the purpose gave the impression to be pretty clear.

On his social media platform Truth Social, Trump, as he has done before, called for an additional media outlet to go pro-Trump. He wrote, “Despite having picked so many winners, I actually have to place up with the Fake News. For me, Fox News was at all times gone, even in 2015-16 once I began my ‘journey,’ but now they’re really gone. Such a chance for an additional media outlet to make an absolute fortune, and do good for America. Let’s see what happens?”

Trump reportedly was trying to next week to announce a 2024 presidential campaign, but a few of his own former advisers have suggested that he delay it until after the Georgia runoff, which can feature one in every of his endorsed candidates, Herschel Walker, face off with Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA).

Although Trump has touted the variety of wins by his endorsed candidates, a lot of them were in solidly red districts. Perhaps the largest sting was that of Mehmet Oz, who lost to Democrat John Fetterman within the cycle’s costliest and highest profile Senate race.

Trump wrote of the Oz race by giving him some praise, but in addition distancing himself from him.

Trump wrote, “There’s a Fake Story being promulgated by third rate reporter Maggie Hagaman of the Failing Recent York Times, that I’m blaming our great former First Lady, Melania, and Sean Hannity, that I used to be indignant with their pushing me to Endorse Dr. Oz. To start with Oz is an excellent guy who really worked hard and was a superb candidate, but he WAS LONG IN THE RACE before I ever Endorsed him, that they had NOTHING to do with it, he was not a ‘denier’ (his mistake!), & I used to be by no means ANGRY. Fake News!”

If Trump goes forward with an announcement next week, he’ll be competing not only with the entire attention paid to DeSantis but to his former vice chairman, Mike Pence, who’s publishing his memoir ahead of a possible presidential run, with interviews scheduled with ABC News anchor David Muir and a town hall on CNN. The Journal published an excerpt of the book on Thursday, through which Pence confirms that Trump said he can be a “wimp” if he didn’t move to dam the electoral vote count on January 6, 2021. “You’re too honest,” Trump griped to Pence during one testy exchange because the then-president pressured him to take such motion.

The massive caveat to the notion that media figures on the appropriate are about to drop Trump in favor of another figure is that it’s a little bit of deja vu.

As Noah Schachtman, editor in chief of Rolling Stone, noted, Trump has been written off over and over before, even from Murdoch owned media.

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