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The White House was said to be “giddy and gleeful” within the wake of Election Night’s surprisingly strong showing by Democrats. However the administration has nothing on the mood of Bill Maher, as exhibited on Friday’s Real Time.

Every week after a downbeat Maher was able to throw shovels of dirt on America while anticipating its demise at Republican hands, the comedian returned in a jubliant mood. “I haven’t had a text from Joe Biden in three days,” he said in his warmup. “I feel like he’s ghosted me.”

Maher seemed amazed on the turn in fortunes, noting that Pennsylvania can have been the largest surprise. That’s the state where the polished Dr. Mehmet Oz “lost to a man who dresses just like the airline lost his luggage.”

Noting that ex-President Donald Trump is suffering a backlash, with many now touting the 2024 prospects of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Maher jabbed, “Trump finally knows what it’s wish to be traded in for a younger model.”

The talk turned serious with Maher’s first guest, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, who comfortably won a second term on Tuesday. Declaring Polis’s successes with handling the pandemic and other issues, Maher tried to subtly steer Polis into an admission that he’s pondering of running for president in 2024. The veteran politician wouldn’t fall into the trap, saying he’s completely happy with the job he has.

The panel discussion brought together chief election and campaign correspondent for CBS News and coauthor of Peril, Robert Costa, and Democratic Congressman representing California’s seventeenth district and writer of Dignity in a Digital Age: Making Tech Work For All Of Us,” Ro Khanna.

Maher admitted his relief at the highest. “The election was like a colonostomy. I used to be expecting it to be unbearable, and it really wasn’t that bad.”

The panelists were desperate to speculate on why that happened. Khanna claimed the closer results were because “it was not like Republicans had an incredible plan for inflation.”

Costa claimed former President Donald Trump was in “self-destruct mode” at the outcomes. Maher wouldn’t bite, nothing he’s seen a number of horror movies. “I’ve seen Jason come back from the grave too persistently.”

Each panelists refused to concede that DeSantis was impressive along with his huge Florida victory. Maher tried to reason with them. “The rationale why I feel DeSantis is powerful – he can do the performance art to the bottom – but he generally is a normal governor.”

Khanna wasn’t buying it. “What he did with Disney was dangerous.” He added that any Republican plans to go after the Biden family or otherwise pay back the Democrats for his or her persecution of Trump on Russia or Jan. sixth can be unsuitable. “What people want is for folk to resolve their problems.”

Maher tried to get his panelists to confess that the majority voters saw Biden as a “temp” office holder, a sheriff who got here into town and removed Black Bart (i.e., Trump), and now should ride into the sunset.

The panelists refused to listen to it. “He’s (Biden) doing it out of real patriotism.” Costa insisted that Biden would have “a transparent path” if he decided to run again in 2024, something Maher scoffed at.

In his “Latest Rules” editorial, Maher wondered why we all know a lot about Donald Trump’s love life in his pre-presidential days, but nothing since, despite the lots of of tell-all books which have emerged.

Dismissing Trump’s wife, Melania, Maher wondered out loud that we all know a lot about his issues, right down to the form of his penis. Yet no word on infidelity.

Could or not it’s that he’s unable to perform, Maher asked?

I feel for you if that’s the case, Maher said. But he noted, “I do know you’re excited about running again. Nobody wants a limp dick within the White House.”

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