Troublesome for profit, ASA College loses accreditation


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The Central States Higher Education Commission announced on Friday that it would be get accreditation soon with ASA College, a troubled for-profit institution with campuses in New York and Florida.
The agency has yet to specify the exact date to be accredited by ASA College, but said it would not extend recognition beyond March. Middle States said it made the decision after it was revealed that the university did not meet the agency’s accreditation standards, including governance, ethics, and institutional resources.
If ASA College appeals a Middle State decision, it may remain accredited until a decision is made on that appeal. However, it will not be able to enroll new students or market them during this time, the agency said in its announcement.

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The decision of the Central Powers comes after months of mounting financial and legal problems at ASA College.

For example, last month ASA College agreed to pay nearly $ 113,000 has fined the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection for displaying hundreds of misleading advertisements targeting immigrants and low-income people in New York City. And last year its president resigned – for the second time – among the allegations of sexual misconduct.

Friday’s decision could prove to be a fatal blow for ASA College, which will lose access to federal financial aid if it cannot find a way to maintain its accreditation. In 2020, the institution introduced USD 51.9 million in revenuesof which nearly two-thirds come from federal financial aid, according to the US Department of Education.

ASA College has been in trouble with the Middle States for at least a year. In March, the agency issued an order against the university which required the university to show why it should remain accredited.

In October, he again warned ASA College that his accreditation was at risk on the basis of “information from state agencies about the institution’s financial status.” The announcement came just one week after news of the ASA settlement with the New York City Department of Consumer and Employee Protection surfaced.

In Friday’s announcement, Middle States said it is withdrawing accreditation in part because ASA College has failed to provide a required curriculum that details how students will complete their programs if their college closes.

“The immediate adverse action to withdraw accreditation from ASA College reflects the seriousness with which the Central State Higher Education Commission takes our commitment to quality,” Central President Heather Perfetti said in a statement. “The Commission must receive the information it requests so that Commissioners can fulfill their accreditation duties and serve our constituents effectively.”

ASA College did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Middle States said it requires ASA College to submit a curriculum by December 9. In the fall of 2021, the university had almost 3,000 students.

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