Christy Carlson Romano Became ‘Genuinely Concerned’ When Aaron Carter Bailed On Her Podcast About Sobriety


Christy Carlson Romano knew something was happening with Aaron Carter before his passing…

As you understand, the 34-year-old was found dead in his California home on November 5, but what we didn’t know until Monday was shortly before his death the singer was as a consequence of go onto Christy’s Vulnerable podcast. The episode featuring Aaron drops on Tuesday, but an intro disclaimer became available where the actress is addressing the upcoming episode and her feelings in regards to the tragedy.

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Within the solemn video, Romano said she wasn’t sure the episode would ever air:

“So, today’s episode is a tough one. I thought of pulling it completely — deleting it — the video, the audio, the whole lot.”

With a heavy, sad sigh, the Even Stevens alum revealed her guest was alleged to be the Carter:

“Today’s guest was alleged to be Aaron Carter. Aaron Carter has passed away for the reason that recording of this video and upon hearing about his passing, I actually have been deeply affected by it.”

The 38-year-old said the seventh Heaven alum didn’t show up, so she decided to vary the angle of her content:

“When he didn’t show up I made a decision to proceed with my content and pivot to talking about my accountability and my journey with sobriety but all of the while was still checking if he was still coming.”

She said she kept asking her producers if he was going to point out up — all of the while feeling a way of tension and impending doom:

“I used to be asking my producer ‘Have you ever heard anything? Have you ever seen anything?’ I used to be genuinely concerned, and I feel the stress was palpable. I felt instinctively that something bad would occur to him, like soon.”

Heartbreakingly, she expressed dismay as she said:

“I used to be unfortunately right.”

So, so sad.

The Kim Possible star said she’s going to proceed on with airing the podcast, but wants her intentions to be clear:

“The rationale I’m doing it’s because I need to spread awareness and I need to bring to light that sobriety just isn’t a linear journey. I need to shed light that Aaron was a really vibrant human being who had loads to live for and while we may not know the whole lot that he was going through or the conditions of his passing that he has a family and he has a baby that he will probably be forsaking.”

Romano said she’s “principally giving it as much as God for why this timed out the best way it did” and urged anyone listening to hunt help in the event that they’re struggling. She also said she believes an earlier intervention may need saved him:

I also think intervention could have happened for Aaron at an early stage in his younger life as a high performing child and while I’m a content creator, I also am a mother and I’m a one that has a message in what I’m doing for this podcast. I need change, I need reform, I need advocacy, I need  to see my friends live so all of the disclaimers are here for you to know that you understand go ahead and watch this episode of Vulnerable.”

Christy’s podcast featuring Aaron goes survive November 15. Will U be listening?

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