Boyfriend shares spine-chilling text messages from American woman who died in Mexico Airbnb


The boyfriend of a girl who was found dead on Airbnb during a Day of the Dead trip to Mexico City revealed their latest conversation.

In an interview with People on Thursday, Victor Day said he began receiving text messages from his girlfriend Kandace Florence on the morning of October 30, stating that “every little thing was positive on the time.” The 30-year-old said he saw the 28-year-old on Instagram showing him drinking wine together with her buddies Jordan Marshall and Courtez Hall in what seemed to be a rooftop bar. But two hours after Kandace said she was okay, Victor stated that she began to precise how “drained” and really emotional she was:

“I write to her,” What is going on on? ” and he or she says, “It’s just not okay. I would like to go home. ‘ And I write to her, “You do not like it. But what is occurring? She says, “I feel intoxicated.” And I say, “Where’s Jordan? Are you at home or away? “

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Kandace then stated that she returned to her Airbnb, and although she told Victor she never took any drugs, said she felt as if she had “taken Molly” based on the symptoms she was having. Then she wrote:

“I’m literally suffering. I’m shaking.

Victor asked if anyone could have added her a drink while she was with Jordan and Courtez saying:

“When you have not watched your drink on a regular basis, you’ll have gotten intoxicated. Her last text to me was, “I wasn’t pleased with myself.”

He got the ultimate message around 4:47 a.m., but just a few minutes later she called him on FaceTime:

“Three minutes later, FaceTime is talking to me. After which I can clearly see that he’s vomiting. She was crying. I mean, her whole face was wet, she was crying or vomiting, and perhaps she was splashing her face with water. “

During a conversation on the phone, Victor said he fell asleep at one point for “probably about five to 10 minutes” and woke up with the phones still plugged in:

“But now the phone screen is pitch black, as if she put her phone down or fell. However the camera side is facing downwards. So I can not see anything. But I heard something was occurring within the background so I put the phone to my ear and it seems like her vomiting or dry waves or each. “

He remembered pondering he was going to be “all right” – that he would get sick and sleep if he was drugged:

– She’s going to sleep. He’ll get up the subsequent morning and tell me every little thing that may need happened. And that is what’s eating me as much as me. Because knowing that I could help a bit more, knowing that at that time I probably could have called the police. I could do something, but I went to sleep as a substitute. “

Unfortunately, this was not the case. The following day, Victor contacted Kandace via SMS, but never received a reply from her:

“How are you? Are you okay? It’s about 30, 45 minutes, I do not understand. And I began to think, I assumed, Well, it looked like she had an evening. She’s probably just falling asleep.”

When the hour was up, he got concerned and contacted the Airbnb host to do a health check. Victor wrote to the person:

“Something is extremely incorrect. I would like someone to envision the apartment. And we walk forwards and backwards for some time, until she finally tells me it’s okay, sends her security to the apartment.

Ten minutes later, the host revealed that three friends had been found “within the apartment of unresponsive without signs of life,” and on Halloween morning she said that “they were pronounced dead.” Victor, understandably, was shocked by this news and at first couldn’t imagine it:

“I didn’t wish to imagine they were dead. It felt so surreal it didn’t feel real. So I began asking her, “Did the police do something? Have you ever all tried to avoid wasting your life in Mexico? And he or she assured me. She said, “Oh, after all. After all they tried. And unfortunately it is solely too late. They’ve all passed away. “

As previously reported, the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office revealed that their deaths were resulting from carbon monoxide poisoning. Victor told People he was convinced the Airbnb list mentioned that the apartment had a carbon monoxide detector – but asked in the event that they were working.

Such a tragic situation. During this time, we still think concerning the families and friends of Kandaka, Jordan and Courtez.

[Image via Kandace Florence/Facebook]

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