Tech Review: Fresh from the underside, the 1060 is the brand new leader in social search


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1060 is a condensed video offer portal and social app.

Platforms: iOS, Android
Perfect for: Agents, teams, brokerage houses and real estate consumers

A very powerful selling points:

  • Authentic social media experience
  • Strict, polished user interface / UX
  • Manual account verification
  • Integration of the standard home search function
  • Easily enter auctions

Biggest concerns:

Possibility to mix home interest with existing databases. While the app can capture names and email addresses after contacting the house, it’s possible you’ll need to seek out a more direct path between interested viewers and agent databases.

What it’s best to know

1060 best describes, in accordance with the founding father of the corporate, the offspring of Zillow and TikTok. This can be a condensed video app designed with home search and promotion in mind. The intention is for agents to advertise themselves and their offers, and permit consumers and colleagues to look for homes. Don’t expect search results pages with plenty of text and ads. As a substitute, the 1060 provides regional grid views that highlight regional lists and others that its algorithm determines that the user may prefer. The general usage is analogous to the TikTok and Instagram Reels experience.

Every movie is difficult for agents to provide. The issue is, as I’ve mentioned more times than I’d wish to count, image-focused agents are too concerned about production quality. They’re too afraid to be themselves. Remember, that is an industry that believes headshots still matter.

The 1060 overcomes this barrier by directing its marketing towards the residential real estate segment that’s perfectly convenient to point the phone at your private home, and sometimes at yourself. Particularly, marketing-savvy and socially aware agents who can or are near the leaders of their market. (I’ll allow you to make a connection.)

This doesn’t suggest the team behind the app is oriented towards high-end homes, it just means they know who’s best suited to supporting product development in america. (The app has been utilized in native Australia for a while.)

Agents have a brief deployment process that requires manual approval within the back office and a brokerage email domain. Because of this addresses from Gmail and others won’t be included. That is to make sure that users take full responsibility for what they post, which in turn will enhance the integrity of the content. It also reduces the variety of spammers, sneaky content advertisers, and semi-engaged users. The corporate knows it may only survive if it publishes things people wish to see.

Much of the verification is automated, but I used to be assured that the corporate knows everyone who signs as much as share their listings.

The 1060 clearly integrates the fun and inspiration of seeing what people can do with their home with the sensible, business case of finding one other home. In spite of everything, it’s primarily a search portal.

Users can enter all popular methods to seek out a proposal. Agent’s name. City. Neighborhood. Size. Bed. Bath – all these items and even hashtags. The algorithm will prioritize the outcomes depending on what you enter, but drops the list in a couple of places it knows you might be slightly interested by.

Entering the list is quick because the app only needs a couple of details to fill within the icons hovering above the video that will be recorded at this point or uploaded later.

House viewers can Like, Share, and Comment, in addition to view an agent’s sales and rental listings, if applicable. (Tip: Leasing agents may love this app.)

Scrolling is just what you expect from a full screen video app. Icons and commands are placed in each corner to navigate through advanced features, and the properties window within the lower left corner opens a page listing each house to see photos and more details.

Users can track agents and vice versa, and each time a person posts a recent video, all followers receive lively alerts within the app. 1060 also uses a direct chat tool whereby people can reply to one another quickly.

There may be a preferred channel that covers the homes you have viewed in previous sessions, and the flexibility for agents so as to add extra videos, 15-second excerpts of standout home amenities, or to be used as a small self-promotion.

The app comes with a pleasant call-to-action displaying the times which might be under the “check” button for an Australian appointment. Home shoppers and agents can select a time to notify the agent who will likely be notified by email.

Hopefully this feature will eventually discover a solution to integrate with the formal show coordination product to a minimum of begin the technique of becoming part of a bigger marketing backbone. Although slowly.

That it is just not happening now’s under no circumstances different from 1060; in truth, during our demo, there was plenty of positive energy to think that less is more in proptech development. The most effective feature, I used to be told, is not any function and I can list countless products in our common space that will be radically improved by removing components.

The corporate has no intention of overloading its application with redundant features, as an alternative counting on the present iteration until adoption rates increase and remain consistent. It’s a sensible solution to make sure that in six months’ time, recent users have the identical easy rollout process as existing users. This strategy also helps existing users stay engaged as they sustain with the pace and grow to be regular content providers.

The 1060 is gaining momentum here, collaborating with many kinds of reality shows and leading producers from big cities. This can be a proven strategy and the most effective solution to attract buyers, sellers and regular real estate fans.

As I said in our appeal, real estate will be local, however the content is universal. Everyone knows the best way to navigate the phone, but not everyone knows the best way to make doing it fun and helpful for business.

I put 1060 within the social search category. They are not the primary to do that as Yaza and ReplayListings have been here for several years. But the previous seems to don’t have any incentive to scale, while the latter is weighed down with Recent York lists.

I ponder why Zillow didn’t see it this years ago given his access to national auction data and his ability to succeed in home buyers. But perhaps, given the recent push to product development, something like that is digging up from the skunk-works department. Who knows?

Meanwhile, Real has more of an agent-to-agent approach, but I believe Courted has already achieved that.

I actually think 1060 has covered that line between a common sense business app and the urge to scroll all the way down to lounges and basic bathrooms. He’s fast, light, and his timing feels perfect.

When the market is in full swing, agents have the time and wish to present their offers in a recent environment.

If you must show your salesperson something different, and perhaps you get bored with the roles or aren’t yet up-to-date on TikTok, don’t scroll past 1060.

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