Boutique transportation services at the moment are a part of the Pacaso owner amenities


Pacaso owners now have greater access to Alto, a luxury automotive sharing company, and Surf Air, a regional membership-based airline.

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Pacaso adds partnerships to assist owners conveniently get to, and around their homes – in a first-class manner.

Now, Pacaso owners have increased access to Alta luxury travel company, and Surf the airregional airline based on membership, in response to an announcement on November 8.

“At Pacaso, we’re committed to creating life easier for our owners, this time of yr and at all times, including the best way families travel to their second home in Pacaso,” Pacaso Marketing Director Whitney Curry said in an announcement. “Every minute in your second home counts, so we’re pleased to have just a few offers to assist owners get home faster and in style.”

Alto is the brand and owner of all its vehicles, and its drivers are employees, not independent contractors. The corporate also says its automotive fleet might be 100% electric by the top of 2023 and is constructing its own charger.

Partnership entitles homeowners to a six-month membership; priority reservation during busy times for members only; 30 percent savings on driving; and advance booking.

Alto rides can be found in Dallas; Houston; Los Angeles; Miami; Washington; and San Francisco. Nevertheless, Pacaso has yet to enter the Texas or DC markets.

Surf Air is a small regional airline dedicated to providing a personal plane experience with app-based flight bookings, increased airport accessibility, on-demand charter services and point-to-point travel itineraries. It arrives and departs from California and Texas regional airports to any variety of similarly sized airports across the country. Members also can see what type and size of aircraft they might be using and costs will vary accordingly.

Surf Air can be entering the market of sustainable air travel by expanding hybrid plane.

“With Surf Air, passengers have access to seats on a scheduled California-wide flight network and the power to charter a wide range of private planes with Surf Air On Demand with guaranteed availability, no shutdown dates, and no initiation fee,” said Pacaso. in an announcement.

The corporate is consistently increasing the variety of ancillary services it provides as a part of its ownership model. Along with on-call local management and repair services, a partnership has been established with UrbanSitter, a search service for local providers of childcare and pet care.

“We’re making a purposeful investment in constructing a best-in-class family experience with our package of family-friendly second home amenities,” Curry said in June when signing the UrbanSitter contract.

The corporate also announced an agent certification program in October to assist sales professionals higher understand the sales model and tactics for second homes, in addition to other best practices in the luxurious market.

The term transport partnership is on purpose, Pacaso said. The corporate hopes to assist owners escape the annoying hassle of family vacation trips.

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