Witnesses rush to assist the victims of the fiery disaster in Orange County


Witnesses who saw and heard the devastating Garden Grove disaster rushed to the burning scene to assist pull victims from the wreckage on Friday.

Three vehicle accidents were reported at around 12:45 pm on the intersection of Garden Grove Boulevard and Magnolia Street.

Rescue teams and witnesses worked together to get better not less than two people from their vehicles after the accident.

Salvador Valladoid heard the accident and called the police when he saw one among the burning cars.

Valladoid said he has joined others to assist get the trapped victim out of the vehicle.

“It was already on fire,” he said. “We were also afraid that the automotive would explode on us.”

The film showed an individual pulled from a burning Tesla who was involved within the crash.

The driving force called for help, witness Jeremy Sears said. “I did my best to get him out.”

The driving force was also pulled from the vehicle and appeared to have leg injuries.

The extent of the injuries of the people involved within the collision was unknown.

The reason for the accident was investigated, however the impact was so violent that the engine of 1 sedan flew out of the vehicle and landed on the road.

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