Westside residents hit by string of automobile burglaries


A series of window-shattering automobile burglaries in Brentwood and Marina Del Rey have many residents in the world wondering if it is likely to be the identical thief or thieves committing the crimes.  

Barns Lau and Jas Singh live several miles apart, but each were victims of automobile burglaries overnight. Singh, a resident of Brentwood parked her Mercedes outside her apartment on Federal Avenue, near Wilshire, around midnight.  

“I get up like normal Monday at like 5:30 a.m. and go to work at 6 a.m. I’m walking to my automobile, and I realize the door was open,” she told KTLA’s Omar Lewis.

The Brentwood resident said she then realized other cars on the road had also been broken into. 

“You’ll be able to actually see the paths of glass over 10 cars perhaps,” she added.  

Automotive after automobile was broken into with windows smashed in and belongings stolen.

Nearly a dozen cars were broken into overnight on Sept. 25, 2023, in Marina Del Rey and Brentwood as they were parked along the road. (Barnes Lau)

Lau’s Lexus was parked near his home on Lincoln Boulevard and 85th Street in Marina Del Rey.  

“A complete string of cars got broken into, about five cars on the road,” he told KTLA.  

All of Lau’s scuba diving gear was stolen, together with a motorcycle and a debit card.  

“It makes my blood boil,” he said.  

After taking a look at the fees to his debit card, Lau backtracked to a close-by food market, police report in hand and spoke to the manager who was able to present him surveillance photos of the suspect that used his bank card.  

Westside residents hit by string of car burglaries
A person suspected of breaking right into a automobile in Marina Del Rey and using a stolen debit card at a close-by food market.

“The timestamp matched once they tried to make use of my debit card and I got the guy’s face,” he said. “I followed it for so far as I could.”  

While there’s no clear evidence that the automobile burglaries are connected, each victims are hoping that the perpetrators are caught.  

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