Tracy Beatty, on death row from Texas who killed Carolyn Click’s mother, shares her last words before execution


A person convicted of strangling his mother to death and burying her in her own backyard nearly 20 years ago was executed in Texas on Wednesday.

Tracy Beatty, 61, said “see you on the opposite side” before receiving a lethal injection of pentobarbital on the Huntsville State Correctional Facility.

The inmate was found guilty of the murder of his mother, Carolyn Click, who was only a yr older than Beatty, after an argument in her East Texas mobile home in November 2003.

Beatty’s lawyers appealed against the death sentence, arguing that he shouldn’t be executed as a result of mental illness. Nonetheless, on Wednesday morning the Supreme Court rejected the appeal to remain the execution.

Beatty choked and started to sob when the warden asked if he had any final words before the tip of his life.

Tied to the stretcher, he could barely get his words out as his voice cracked.

Tracy Beatty said “see you on the opposite side” as he was tied to his deathbed within the execution room.
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“I just wish to say thanks …” Beatty addressed on to his wife, watching her from the remark room behind the glass. “I don’t need you to go away you, honey. See you if you get there. I really like you.”

He gave her a kiss, then thanked his fellow death row inmates, mentioning a couple of.

“I really like you brothers,” he said. “See you on the opposite side.”

Prosecutors said Beatty strangled his 62-year-old mom after which buried her body next to her trailer in Whitehouse before spending his money on drugs and alcohol.

The mother and son had an “unstable and combative relationship,” prosecutors said. Click confided to a neighbor that Beatty had assaulted her several times prior to the murder. She said he once “beat her so badly that he left her for dead,” testified neighbor Lieanna Wilkerson.

Beatty returned to Click a month before her death and was enthusiastic about him coming back in order that they could have time to repair their relationship, Wilkerson said.

Nonetheless, the couple began arguing day by day, and Click asked him to maneuver out no less than twice, including just before his death, based on trial testimony.

“Several times [Beatty] he said he just desired to silence her, that he just desired to strangle her and silence her, ”Wilkerson testified.

Of their petition to the courts to spare his life, Beatty’s team of lawyers cited the opinion of 1 expert that the murder was “clearly psychotic and has a fancy, paranoid, delusional belief system” during which he believes prison officials torture him with their “menacing voices ”through the device in his ear.

The Supreme Court didn’t previously prohibit the death penalty for individuals with severe mental illnesses, even though it did ban the death penalty for individuals with mental disabilities.

Beatty was pronounced dead at 6:39 PM CST, becoming the fourth inmate to be executed in Texas that yr and the thirteenth nationwide.

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