The Russians are withdrawing from Kherson, however the battle isn’t over yet


The Ukrainian Armed Forces proceed their movement towards the Kherson front in Ukraine on November 9, 2022.

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In response to analysts, Russia’s withdrawal from a big a part of Kherson in southern Ukraine may very well be dangerous for either side of the war, claiming that the battle for the region “isn’t over”.

Russia said on Thursday that its forces are starting to withdraw from the west bank of the Dnieper River, which crosses the Kherson region, while Ukraine said its forces had advanced 4 miles since Wednesday and liberated 12 settlements within the region – on the day of which Russia’s top military officials announced that they’d withdraw Russian troops from town of Kherson and its environs, back to defensive positions on the opposite side of the river.

The Ukrainian government said it was skeptical about Russia’s withdrawal, although on Thursday its forces on the bottom appeared to be seizing the chance to attack large groups of Russian troops preparing for a withdrawal. One Ukrainian official in Kherson he stated that when the Russian troops moved their equipment to the eastern bank of the river, we were “destroying it”.

Damaged parts of town of Velyka Oleksandrivka within the Kherson Region on 10/24/2022.

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Analysts say the withdrawal of Kherson is more likely to pose serious challenges for each the Russians – retreating from the region – and the Ukrainian troops attempting to re-occupy town of Kherson and its vicinity.

“The battle for Kherson isn’t over yet, but Russian forces have entered a recent phase – prioritizing the withdrawal of their forces across the river in good order and delaying Ukrainian forces, relatively than attempting to stop the Ukrainian counteroffensive altogether,” analysts from the War Study Institute reported Wednesday evening.

The institute said it would take a while to withdraw your complete Russian contingent across the Dnieper, and it’s unclear whether Russian forces will give you the option to perform the withdrawal in relatively good condition under pressure from Ukraine.

The British Ministry of Defense agreed that the withdrawal may very well be difficult, and that Ukrainian forces which can be attempting to re-seize and liberate the Russian-occupied a part of Kherson also face dangers.

“By withdrawing, Russian forces destroyed many bridges and possibly installed mines to decelerate and delay the advancing Ukrainian forces,” the ministry said in an interview update on Twitter on Thursday.

The issue for Russia is more likely to be the shortage of passable bridges, she added: “With limited border crossings, Russian forces might be exposed to crossing the Dnieper River. It is probably going that the withdrawal will happen in a matter of days with defensive positions and artillery fire involving the retreating forces. “

The fight escalates

As early as Thursday, there have been signs that the fighting in Kherson was intensifying with the withdrawal of Russian troops.

Serhiy Khlan, a member of the Kherson Regional Council, said on Facebook that numerous Russian troops had been blown up in Kakhovka, Kherson.

One other Ukrainian official noted that Russia had not asked Ukraine to create a “green corridor” or protected route in order that Russia could safely withdraw its troops from Kherson.

Individually, Ukraine’s southern command unit reported today that its forces attacked “two Russian occupant strongholds, a column of enemy equipment and an ammunition depot” on Thursday as enemy forces gather in the world.

“Consequently of the attacks, the Ukrainian defenders liquidated 125 occupiers, three enemy tanks, five armored vehicle units and an ammunition depot within the Berlin region,” he added. Berislav lies upstream from Kherson, on the identical west bank of the river – the bank from which the Russian troops are to withdraw.

The southern command reiterated claims that Russia was placing land mines and leaving road blocks, presumably to dam Ukrainian forces wanting to advance and re-occupy the world. Mikhailo Podolyak, advisor to the president of Ukraine, said that the Russians, by withdrawing, desired to “turn Kherson right into a” city of death “.

While attempts to re-seize Kherson could also be fraught with dangers, analysts say Ukrainian forces waged a well-fought campaign to reclaim Kherson from Russia.

“The Ukrainian counteroffensive towards Kherson since August – a coordinated campaign of bans to force Russian forces to withdraw across the Dnieper without having to launch major Ukrainian onshore offensives – probably led to success,” analysts from the Institute for the Study of War said on Wednesday.

Ukrainian tanker near the front of Kherson in Ukraine on November 9, 2022.

Anadolu Agency | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

The institute said Ukrainian forces attacked Russian units, military assets and logistics throughout the Kherson region “to make further Russian positions on the west bank unsustainable without the necessity for large-scale and expensive ground maneuvers to liberate the territory.”

“Ukrainian troops launched continuous attacks on bridges across the Dnieper River and geared toward supply centers and ammunition depots on the eastern bank… which reduced the flexibility of the Russian forces to supply supplies to the group on the west bank; Ukrainian forces combined these attacks with the cautious and cautious of successful ground attacks on key sites corresponding to Davydiv Brid. This campaign has come to fruition, ”he said.

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