The reformed criminal is now being blackmailed


Dear Amy: Over 40 years ago, I committed a serious crime.

Nobody was physically hurt, but I scared the devil out of a small group of individuals.

The crime was for financial gain and I planned it prematurely.

My wife knew and begged me to not, but I felt I had no selection.

My wife used the proceeds of the crime and willingly released it. I used to be never caught.

For 30 years, we never talked about this incident since the memory was too painful for each of us.

Nonetheless, up to now 10 years, when she may be very indignant with me or tries to make me do something she wants me to do, she threatens to inform my adult children and grandchildren: “what sort of person you actually are.”

That is pure blackmail. Sometimes he says that after my death he’ll tell the entire story to his family in his own way.

Since then, I actually have never repeated any illegal acts, I actually have had a great life and I feel I actually have made a positive contribution to many individuals with my work.

I considered telling my children as truthfully and factually as I could, and I wrote and edited my confession persistently to share with them.

I didn’t send this confession. It’s password protected on my hard disk drive.

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