The meditation speaker is led towards the exit


Dear Amy: I recently joined a meditation group that conducts sessions each in person and online.

During a web based session, I posted a note within the chat that after the session anyone could go and stare upon the complete moon.

The group leader was indignant. He told the group aloud that I used to be distracting and that nobody should read what was within the chat.

I discovered this strange because if he didn’t need to, he may need disabled Zoom’s chat feature.

At the top of the meeting, I told everyone that I hoped they might enjoy taking a look at the attractive full moon and logged off.

The teacher contacted me after the session and said I used to be disturbing.

I didn’t have.

Nevertheless, he suggested that I find one other group.

I live in a small town and there is no such thing as a other group. (I actually have a weekly online group with one other tutor.)

Prior to this incident, I privately asked him to stop saying unpleasant things about his ex-girlfriend behind her back in a public newsletter that was distributed to his subscribers. I said that I didn’t know this woman and located it unfair to share her personal information on the web.

I believe the request may need made him bristle at me.

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