Russia has probably tried and didn’t test a nuclear torpedo


In response to US observers, the Russian Navy has made a possible unsuccessful try and test considered one of its recent Poseidon nuclear-powered “apocalypse” torpedoes, that are expected to trigger a radioactive tsunami from tons of of miles away.

Apparently, the failed exercise took place within the Arctic Sea in recent weeks and anxious the large Russian nuclear submarine Belgorod, a high-ranking American official. said CNN.

Over the past week, Belgorod and other Russian ships have been noticed leaving the test area without being tested, suggesting that the Kremlin navy bumped into some technical problems that caused it to tug the plug while firing torpedoes.

Russia now has a limited window to retest the torpedo before the Arctic Sea descends into winter.

The Russian nuclear submarine K-329 Belgorod, the most important on the earth, was to participate in an exercise within the Arctic Sea, which was probably related to an unsuccessful try and test a nuclear torpedo.
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In his speech in October, Vladimir Putin stressed that his government had never considered the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine.
In his speech in October, Vladimir Putin stressed that his government had never considered the usage of nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

At over 600 feet long, Belgorod is the most important submarine on the earth. It’s able to carrying Poseidon nuclear torpedo drones, which Russia says could trigger a 1,600-foot nuclear tsunami in distant coastal cities, rendering them uninhabitable.

Belgorod maneuvers come because the US and other Western nations closely watch any signs that Russia could also be preparing to deploy nuclear weapons to Ukraine, especially after the embarrassing retreat from the Kherson region this week.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a speech last month that his government had never considered the usage of nuclear weapons on the battlefield.

“We do not see a necessity for that,” Putin said. “It is mindless, neither political nor military.”

Nevertheless, Putin warned in September that his government was able to use “all force and resources” at its disposal to defend its territories, including illegally annexed parts of Ukraine.

Belgorod is able to launch Poseidon's nuclear-powered torpedoes, which can trigger a radioactive tsunami.
Belgorod is in a position to launch Poseidon’s nuclear-powered torpedoes, which might trigger a radioactive tsunami.
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And in a conversation with Emmanuel Macron, it was said that Putin made a threat that cited the US nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II, which reportedly alarmed the French leader.

“You haven’t got to attack big cities to finish a war,” the Russian leader reportedly said.

The terrifying Russian Belgorod submarine, officially generally known as the K-329 Belgorod, only entered service in July. It is taken into account “the epitome of the brand new concept of war” and Poseidon’s nuclear torpedo is generally known as the “weapon of the apocalypse”.

A report by the US Congressional Research Service, released in April, said the Poseidons were to function a retaliatory weapon to be utilized in the event of a nuclear attack on Russia.

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