Los Angeles County MPs open fire after a wild, high-speed chase


One person was arrested after a fast chase involving three different vehicles from Orange County to Los Angeles County, which ended Wednesday night when sheriff’s deputies opened fire at a gas station in Hacienda Heights.

Around 4:45 pm, officers saw a black Honda Civic driver committing traffic violations near Auto Center Drive and 5 Freeway in Fullerton, said Captain Jon Radus, a spokesman for the Fullerton Police Department.

The motive force sped up and the chase over the paved road continued to Anaheim, where the driving force got on and off the 91 Freeway no less than once, Radus said.

Officers overlooked the Civic before finding it in Anaheim, where the driving force pulled into an apartment complex and by some means grabbed a white van. Radus didn’t know if the driving force broke into the van, kidnapped someone, or otherwise obtained the vehicle.

The chase had entered LA County, Radus said, and after the van was immobilized or jammed, the driving force rammed the police automotive before escaping on foot.

The suspect burst into the home and stole a white Chevrolet pickup before escaping again, Radus said.

At this point, the chase took over by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Throughout the chase, the driving force was driving at high speed, driving on the unsuitable side of the road and ramming other vehicles, Radus said.

In keeping with the Sheriff’s Department, the chase ended at Block 1000 Hacienda Boulevard.

The suspect hit one other vehicle and was rammed by the vehicle of a law enforcement officer before entering a gas station, where the driving force hit the pump and backed up, based on KCBS-TV Channel 2.

At one point, MPs opened fire on the suspect, based on the Sheriff’s Department. Information on whether the suspect was hit was not immediately available.

In keeping with the news station, there was a transient stalemate. The deputies approached the suspect with ballistic shields before the person was apprehended.

Passerby said KCAL-TV Channel 9 that he was injured and detained by MPs throughout the incident.

Adrian Cruz said he was stopped at a traffic signal in Hacienda Heights when a chase suspect bumped into his sedan before police pushed the pickup further into his automotive, based on the news station.

“Cruz got out of the automotive and walked around before going back to the driving force’s door,” the news station reported. “The deputies proceeded to pounce on him, took him to the bottom and stopped him.”

A spokesman for the sheriff’s department told KCAL MPs had arrested Cruz because he refused to stray from the road of fireside.

Cruz told the news station that he was attempting to get the family out of the automotive and keep them protected. He described the meeting as violent, saying that his deputies “attacked” him in front of his family and handcuffed him.

Further information concerning the incident was not available at the top of Wednesday.

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