LA Villanueva County Sheriff follows Luna within the election results


The outcomes of the brand new round of elections, released on Thursday, show that Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva continues to struggle badly together with his opponent, Robert Luna, risking his candidacy for re-election.

The brand new vote shows that Villanueva is ahead of Luna by 42% to 58% with over 1.4 million votes. It shouldn’t be clear what number of ballots are left to be counted and when the count will end.

Support for Measure A, a voting measure that will give the county board the ability to fireplace the sheriff in office, also remained strong as updated figures showed 69% of voters in favor. The measure will pass if the vast majority of voters approve it.

Villanueva tried to realize momentum throughout the campaign. In June, he finished first in the first, but won only 31% of the vote – a disappointing result for the present one and insufficient to avoid Luna’s second round, who got here second with 26% of the vote.

Luna, who headed the Long Beach Police Department for seven years before retiring last yr, positioned himself through the campaign as a sustainable alternative to Villanueva and promised to work with elected officials within the district whom Villanueva had slandered. He received the approvals of all five county overseers, and the sheriff candidates he defeated within the June primaries endorsed him.

If Luna wins, next month she’s going to take over the helm of a big, bulky agency that patrols large swaths of a sprawling county and has been crushed by years of instability and rotation in the very best position. He could be the fourth sheriff since former Sheriff Lee Baca resigned eight years ago consequently of a federal corruption investigation that eventually sent him to prison.

The department was under close scrutiny as a consequence of a relentless stream of scandals, a lot of which broke out through the sightings of Villanueva and others that lay before him.

For instance, there may be an investigation by the state attorney general’s office into potential civil rights violations by sheriff deputies, and one other by a civil sheriff’s oversight committee into groups of deputies operating within the department.

In one other district race, State Senator Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) retained a small lead over West Hollywood City Councilor Lindsey Horvath within the race for the Los Angeles County Inspectorate of the third District. The present rating puts Horvath behind Hertzberg by half a percentage point.

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