Catalytic-converter thieves pull up in Lamborghini, video shows


Video released by officials on the Torrance Police Department shows 4 suspected thieves exiting a Lamborghini and stealing the catalytic converter off a parked van.  

A yellow Lamborghini Urus with black rims just before 4 male suspects exit the vehicle and steal a catalytic converter (TPD).

The incident, in response to police, occurred at around 4 a.m. on Nov. 9, within the 3800 block of 184th Street. 

Within the video, the 4 male suspects exit the yellow Lamborghini Urus alongside the white van. One in all the boys is seen acting as a lookout, while the others pull equipment from the back of their vehicle that they use to jack the van up, steal the useful part and drive away.  

Police urged anyone with information concerning the incident to contact Torrance Police Department detectives at 310-618-5570.  

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