British Dominic Manley convicted of dangerous driving near gasoline pumps


The British thrill-seeker is behind bars after he was caught driving dangerously near fuel pumps in England.

Dominic Manley pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and was sentenced to at least one yr in prison for driving unbalanced and speeding around a St. Albans, which is roughly 25 miles northwest of London.

The safety footage posted on Thursday shows five men standing around a Shell station, watching white BMWs drive out and in of gas station stalls.

Local police say Manley was also seen at a automotive meeting on the road near a gas station prior to the January stunt.

“Manley was filmed making donuts and driving within the courtyard of the gas station, nearly missing the pumps,” said Police Chief Clare Lapenna. “He was speeding that day and put other road users at risk. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, however it might have been otherwise. “

The Manley sentence also features a 24-month license suspension together with 240 hours of unpaid work and pondering skills classes.

In line with Hertfordshire Police, St. Albans East has filed quite a few complaints about automotive junctions.

“We’re committed to stopping collisions and ensuring other road users are usually not in danger from unsafe, mindless drivers who’ve spoken of diverse complaints. “We are going to proceed to observe the world during our routine patrols and produce anyone who violates them to justice.”

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