3 suspects arrested after security cameras caught the Thousand Oaks burglary


Law enforcement in southern California has warned of a bunch of criminals who’re likely accountable for a series of burglaries in several communities, including Thousand Oaks and Riverside.

“It just hit … I actually have three guys in my backyard,” burglary victim James Fitzpatrick told Rick Chambers of KTLA.

Fitzpatrick described the moment his home security system notified him at work Wednesday night that his home in Thousand Oaks had been broken into. He watched on his phone as three masked robbers broke in.

“They lifted considered one of the blokes to a second-floor window … and I heard them break the window,” he said.

When burglars found they couldn’t get to a second-floor window, they noticed a sliding patio door.

“They only kicked the door down. Something blew it and you would just hear the glass shatter, ”Fitzpatrick told KTLA.

The thieves likely climbed about 400 feet from the Sunset Hills Golf Course to get home.

“They’d a lot mud on their shoes that they stepped on broken glass, it was all around the house,” said Fitzpatrick. “There was no cabinet that will not have been taken apart, the whole lot was on the ground.”

When the break-in happened, Fitzpatrick’s son, Sean, was in volleyball training. He said he was more surprised by what the thieves didn’t take.

“My Mac just sat on the counter and so they just passed him,” said Sean. “They entered my dad’s room, his Apple Watch was on the bedside table, they walked right next to it. There was a small jar of money that I kept within the closet, they walked right next to it. It was quite surprising. ”

Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputies caught all three thieves red-handed and imagine they’re a part of a Chilean gang which may be accountable for two similar burglaries on Riverside last month.

All three suspects were carrying burglary tools and false travel documents after they were arrested. They’re each held on bail of $ 150,000.

The 2 suspects are adult men. The third was a 14-year-old boy.

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