24/7 seek for Simi Valley mom after blood was present in the home


Simi Valley Police work “across the clock” to seek out a young mother who disappeared from her home last week, forsaking her keys, telephone and “a substantial amount of blood.”

Concerned relatives of Rachel Castillo, 25, called the police on Thursday night after her sister discovered a disturbing scene in an apartment they shared on Country Club Drive. Based on the quantity of blood and the presence of Castillo’s personal belongings, detectives had marked her as potentially “threatened”.

“We would like to locate her as soon as possible and hope for probably the most optimistic scenario – that she is alive and well,” said senior police officer Simi Valley Casey Nicholson, adding that “investigators work literally across the clock. “

Castillo was last seen by his sister Emily at 9:30 am Thursday within the apartment where they lived with Castillo’s two sons. Relatives said KABC that Castillo dropped off the boys with their father in some unspecified time in the future within the day. When Emily Castillo got here home around 8:30 PM on Thursday, she saw blood and called 911.

“I used to be running across the house to see if I could find her somewhere … I checked her bathroom, under the bed, her wardrobe, my wardrobe, laundry room, my bathroom and bedroom, but she was nowhere to be found,” said KABC.

Police said Castillo’s relatives were cooperating, as was the daddy of her children. Court records show that she initiated divorce proceedings earlier this 12 months.

“I understand he has been cooperating from the very starting,” said Nicholson.

Police commander Ritchie Lew warned authorities “didn’t even establish against the law had occurred.”

“We do not actually have a suspect because we do not know what happened,” said Lew. “Detectives try to seek out out what happened and where she is.”

Castillo is described as 5 feet 2 and weighing 105 kilos with brown hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information regarding Castillo’s whereabouts is asked to telephone Simi Valley Police at (805) 583-6950.

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