2 French Bulldogs stolen at gunpoint at sixth Street Bridge


Two French Bulldogs were stolen on Friday night 6this Street viaduct bridge.

The incident, according to one of the victims, took place around 11 p.m., when he and his friends were walking the dogs across the bridge. Then he said that a car pulled up and stopped.

“He stopped next to us in the street and took out his gun,” said victim Jennifer McGraw of the KTLA.

The thief then demanded that they hand over the two dogs, 4-year-old Rhino and 2-year-old Bluesky.

“My friend is kind of trying to do something. I just kept telling her: “It’s not worth it, let them take the dogs. It’s just not worth it, ”you know. He just grabbed the dogs, picked them up, walked around the SUV and drove away, ”said the victim.

Neither of the victims wanted to be identified, but they plead for public help in finding their two dogs.

“That thing … I was there before, walking with my girlfriend,” said the second victim of KTLA. “So it was never a problem, but for me to go through it all, even yesterday, I was still shocked. All I know is she wasn’t there. For example, I didn’t care that I even aimed the gun at the face, it was the fact that it is not with me.

The popular dog is increasingly becoming the target of thieves, as French Bulldogs come at a high price.

However, for these two owners, pets are beloved members of the family and they only hope someone knows something that can help bring Rhino and Bluesky back.

– Just give it to me, you know. She deserves to be with her people, with her person. He deserves love. Money is not everything, and these dogs have feelings and love us more than themselves, ”said one of the victims.

Owners said the suspect was in a black or dark SUV that was dented and badly scratched on the passenger side. They believe the vehicle may have been a Nissan.

They also offer a reward for the safe return of two dogs and encourage anyone with information about the incident to contact the police.

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